Not sure I want to keep my boyfriend

He is the second guy I have dated. the only other guy to have s** with me besides my first and only.
My first got my virginity at age 17 and then we had s** for almost two years while we dated. I loved the feeling and loved him. I enjoyed the s** part very much, I could have kept that part and let the emotional part go.
But he wanted to get married, wanted me pregnant and out of school. I wanted to finish college and get my degree. I want more than a stay at home mom job right now.

The guy I am dating now got his first time with me at Christmas. I had expected that he was a big to large for me. There are large differences between he and my ex. I do not know much about measuring things. but I can not get my fingers around the end of it. The shaft is almost as long as my foot.

I had given him hand satisfaction and few times some oral. that was hard to do as well. I choked a lot and hit my teeth and hurt him a few times. I do not do the oral well, my ex just ask for that a few times; he wanted s** and wanted it in me when that happened.

Well at Christmas I gave in and let him have me. When it went in I could feel a burning inside some. Kind of s stinging when he did it and after. It burned when i would pee like it did when I was a virgin.

he wanted some on New year night and I did him a hand job in its place. told him I had started my period.
Now I am not sure what to do actually. I might stop stinging in time, yet I can not take that kind of pain for a while getting my self ready for him. He likes to be a lot rougher than my ex, and that hurts up inside me. I do not want to tell him and have him think I am some little girl, yet I can not take this kind of pain, when I do like s** so much. I am ashamed to admit this, but I m********* almost every night thinking of my ex.
What should i do? My ex is NOT an option. I will not ask him for s**, that might give him some kind of hope for love.


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  • Your p**** will stretch in time and it will be easier to take him.

  • Sound's like you don't have enough foreplay.

  • First, go to your doctor and have him/her check your female plumbing to see that all is in good working order and get tested for STDs.

    Second, if you need treatment get it. Either way it's time to reconsider your relationship with this guy.

    Finally, don't lock into a committed relationship, you're too young. Have a few flings, have s** with an older guy - he'll teach you many things about your body you didn't know. M*********, that will help you understand what you like and don't like about your body. Have fun, life's short.

  • S** shouldn't sting and it definitely shouldn't hurt. Stinging is a sign of an irritation or infection. Are you allergic to the condoms or something he has on? And you should want to with who you're with. It sounds like it's a chore for you. That's no fun. The whole "I gave in and let him".. should be I wanted to..not like you were coerced. Talk to your boyfriend (or any lover) and tell them what you want or need and what you like and don't like. If you don't like it rough, tell him. There is nothing wrong with that. If he doesn't like it, then that's fine there are other guys out there.

  • "Don't beleive p***" Says the guy with a small d*** !!!

  • Don't believe p***. Not every woman can accommodate a big d ick. Just let him down easy. Your options are not just the new guy and your ex. There are lots of fish in the sea...

  • Sorry how big did you say it was?

  • Sounds like he does not know what he is doing. I would like your pvssy real good and get you slippery wet first. Then I would ease in. Once you loosen up. Then I would pound you. If I only know how to f*** like this when I was younger. :/

  • This boyfriend is not compatible to you. No point to continue. Its ok if its platonic love.

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