I am in love with my brother in law

I am in love with my brother in law wife,she is sweet he treats her like crap,she has a nice body he does not deserve her is to bad idid not meet her before I was married,but that's life!

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  • i'm glad i'm not the only one who is confused by the fact that your brother-in-law's wife is the dude's sister.

  • Ummmm. brother-in-law's wife? Is it your sister?

  • Is this girl worth your relationship with your brother AND your wife??!!??!? I seriously dount it, although it may look that way from where you're standing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You only live once, go for her if you know you can get her.

  • That was my retirement speech by the way, you guys and gals have fun. Anything after this post is crap by impersonators.

    -Grim (Remember, you only get one life, spend it with the people who matter to you!)

  • Now to the underthread situation, I sign Grim, well cause there will always be two reactions, the intelligent ones who will just ignore it and go on, and those lovable dumbfucks who have to respond. You guys are just pure entertainment to me, thats it. You see I will never be bothered by anything you have to say cause lets face it, someone I don't know living somewhere I could give a s*** about doesn't like me? Heh, I should be upset about it? Oh well rant away you guys!


  • To the main problem, This is what you do friend, much as you like your brother in law's wife, she is married to him, and only if things change should you attempt anything, keep in mind that if you ever attempt to have some kind of relationship with her, it will cause a lot of unnecessary strain.

  • I want to f*** my brother's girlfriend

  • Yeah, however the fiew people signing need to understand that nobody cares who they are, thats why this place has no names.
    Diva 23

  • you f***** c**** read what the confession again,it has nothing to with diva.jelouse bastards, son of a s***.

  • f*** her, and post pics.

  • Oh yeah and by the way she made her bed now let her ly in it. Go find someone else.

  • why just Diva 23. I mean there are a bunch of people who sign different tags to their post. So why just that one?

  • I am getting tired of the person who signs their posts "Diva 23". I think we should all just start doing it so they will cut that s*** out.
    Diva 23

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