I lose respect for a person's intellect if they profess religio

When someone tells me they are religious my respect for their intelligence drops to near zero. It's not so bad when it's a deistic belief (that a higher power created the ingredients for the universe and let things unfold on their own) but when they start telling me that god wants this or that the Qur'an says that I can't help but feel like I'm talking to someone mentally ill.

I've never tried to argue with anyone about their beliefs and I try not to act disrespectfully. I don't wear "Fiction" shirts or call myself a "Bright" or any of that nonsense. I do think people should be allowed to figure out their own beliefs it just baffles me when they land on a conclusion that is based on a major religion.

I can sort of understand it if you grew up in some poor country and didn't have much education but for someone growing up in a first world country, among so many different and conflicting religions and learning everything that science has to offer to arrive at such conclusions can only indicate stupidity.

I've also heard people talk about a "religion that works for you", "taking what you need from religion", "choosing to believe X but not Y from the scripture" and that "the scripture should be interpreted metaphorically, not literally" but that makes no sense either. If you start picking and choosing what to believe then what's the point of the scripture? It is then no longer god's word but your own word. And if I choose to believe something different then it's my word. And all 7 billion people on this planet can each have their own different interpretations, nobody actually subscribing to the "word of god". Why not just toss the whole thing, stop acting like you know what god wants and use your own reason?

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  • Some religious people have beliefs so absurd that I tend to agree with you. I mean Jehovah Witnesses think its ok if their child dies from blood loss even though the child life could have been saved with a transfusion. Many people actually die because instead of going to a doctor they pray for healing which doesn't happen.

    I'm with you. Religion is for idiots.

  • I see Science (which most call "secular humanism" as a religion in itself. That doesn't mean I don't believe it. But, my Catholic faith and your Scientific faith are both based on the same things: books that other people wrote about their experiences, that we are told we can recreate if we try hard enough.

    I took advanced organic chemistry in college. I recognize the structure of atoms. I can do the math to determine how many electons an ion has, and what level those electrons are at. But ALL of that is based off of what other people have told me to be true, and their reported observations fit what I see happening in front of my eyes. But I've never smashed my own atoms.

    The same for Catholicism. There's a book that explains how to pray, how the world came about, etc.... And that book's message fits what I see before my eyes every day. Yet, I've never had a two-way conversation with God. I've never seen Jesus.

    They are both just different forms of faith.

  • OP here.

    I don't mean to offend you but your line of reasoning is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.

    You've never smashed your own atoms but with the right equipment you could and you can do other experiments to confirm other things. And knowledge of organic chemistry allows you to not just understand what's going on around you but it also allows you to make some predictions about what will happen. Without it, things like medicine would not exist. That knowledge is constantly scrutinized by scientists all over the world and confirmed or proven wrong. It's not just the account of a handful of men, but tens (or hundreds?) of thousands.

    The scriptures were written thousands of years ago, centuries after the supposed events took place, rewritten and edited several times, in a then illiterate, primitive and superstitious part of middle east. The types of events they describe have never happened again. And most importantly, what's in the scripture does NOT fit what you see before your eyes. The bible's account for how the world came about contradicts reality. There is not a shred of evidence for anything in that book. It's about as credible as a comic book so you might as well believe that superman is real.

    Maybe you're confusing faith with trust? I do trust the science because it would require an unimaginably conspiracy for all the scientist in the world to mislead the entire world's population.

  • People who love God want HIS love and respect not a humans.

  • It would seem the key person missing out here is you.

  • It depends on what the religious person believes. If they believe in talking snakes or whatever or the 6000 year creationist theory of the universe I do tend to try to change the subject. I'll discuss the weather with such a person but not science.

  • When you say "When someone tells me they are religious my respect for their intelligence drops to near zero.", I feel that is a pity. Not that we will ever really meet but only you controls what you think.

    I have a university degree in Engineering. Has a bit of maths and some writing so I figured I must have at an objective level at least some intelligence.

    I also believe in God. I go to church most Sundays. I pray.

    Imagine us meeting somewhere and finding that intelligent conversation could not take place between us because you felt that because I have a religious faith that I therefore am stupid or something.

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