I'm sorry

I borrowed my friend's sisters makeup and accidently took it home. I didnt realize until my friend confronted me. I said i had it and i would return it to her and then she confronted me about other missing makeup. I keep denying but i dont think my friend believes me. It costs $68 and i dont want to replace it but at the same time i feel like she doesnt trust me anymore. It was just an accident. Now i feel obliged to replace the other missing makeup even though i didnt take it.

Jan 12, 2015

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  • Your friend shouldn't be lending out make up (or anything) that is not hers to begin with. How does your friend know that it was you and not someone else? Just pay the 70$. It could have been far more expensive or ask her to split the difference, since you can't prove you didn't take it and she can't prove you did. Just something to think about for the future. It always seems fun to lend and borrow until you don't get it back or it's ruined. If you're going to lend something, be prepared you may not see it again. And if you borrow something, take care of it and know if it's ruined that you should replace it.

  • Once trust is lost it takes a lot of time to get it back. Sounds to me like you are lazy and slack and do not respect others and its coming back to haunt you. I suggest you clean up your act. Start by giving your sister back her makeup. Clean up your room and you may find other sins.

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