Gotta confession

I have been in a relationship for a little under two years, with a woman who i love. But some of the things she has done makes me question if she is faithful. About a year ago I discovered that she had been flirting with several other guys over Facebook, and had intended to meet up with him. when i confronted her lying was her first instinct, she later admitted. After that we both agreed that we wouldn't communicate to other s**'s via face book and text. Further in the relationship we were clubbing and she refused to dance with me, because of shyness. Later in the night she was on the stage getting spanked with a paddle. And finally about two weeks ago i had noticed a number written in her notepad she quickly stated "that's a girlfriend number from work" without me saying anything. I investigated. when i asked her about the friend she said that she was her best friend at work and was the only person who got her sense of humor. I then asked her if it was a man or woman, and she lied and said women. I confronted her and she whisked together another story. What should i do? Am I wrong for not trusting her?



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  • Shes a lying cheating w**** sorry mate

  • My friend, your instincts are in conflict with your desires. You instincts already have confirmed your fears, yet you wish this not to be so. And so, you think over the matter without conclusion.

    One thing is obvious, she does not meet your needs. That may be an issue with her, an issue with you, or more likely both. In any case, there is no way this will make an enduring relationship until you either feel comfortable with her, or you move on.

    Personally, I would move on because you are not comfortable. Then, I'd do some soul searching and probably spend some time talking with a therapist to understand why couldn't be comfortable with this person, and why you would seek such a relationship.

    Remember time by yourself sucks to high heaven, but it gives you time you need to sort matters out and find a better way.

    I wish you luck and a much better future

    - M

  • Agree with the comment below. It does take two in a relationship. Women and men cheat for different reasons. Not saying you're a cheater, but your girl is in need of attention. From what you are describing, she seems to do things in front of you or so that you actually find things..this may be for attention. But if you can't trust her, you can't trust her. You two need to talk to see if this is a relationship worth saving or to walk away from.

  • Trust can't be presumed or demanded or expected: it can only be earned. And this woman has done NOTHING to earn yours. My feeling is that ending the relationship is the best course, but I realize there are other factors to consider, factors only YOU could know. So, I will simply say this: proceed, if you proceed at all, with great caution. Your lack of trust is entirely appropriate in the circumstances.

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