To be friends or not to be?

My best friend insisted that she will take me out for dinner. Last year during her birthday, I treated her to a very expensive dinner which cost 80 something dollars from what I remember. She promised to take me to an expensive restaurant too for my birthday.. I was very excited to see her and who doesn't want to be treated for their birthday? We ordered a few items that we are sharing but one dish we were not. The bill comes and she wanted to split the bill. She doesn't want to split it evenly because I had that one extra dish so each one of us ended up paying 20-25 dollars each. What really got to me is when she was on her cell phone during dinner. It drives me nuts when people sit with me during dinner and use their cellphones and not make any conversation. She was totally ignoring me for like the first half of dinner and the second half she was pretty quiet. I don't know if I can continue to be friends with her. I don't know if she is a friend worth keeping, what is your opinion?

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  • I agree with the previous responder. Calmly let her know but I suspect you should be looking for a new girl

  • The worse thing to do in any friendship or relationship is to keep score of what is given and how much something costs. Just causes resentment. Sometimes the things that don't cost a lot, but there is some real thought behind them can be the best gifts. It shouldn't always be about how much you spend on a person. She's your best friend, you should be able to talk to her about why you're hurt by her actions. Have to agree, the $5 isn't a huge amount for her to have covered. But she didn't. Your conversation should not be a confrontation. Just a simple, hey this is what I'm feeling. See what she says. If she's your best friend, she should know that you don't appreciate when people talk on their cell phones during dinner. It's rude, unless it's an emergency and they excuse themselves. As for keeping her as a friend, think you have to decide what it is you're getting out of the friendship. Is it more work to have her be your friend? Is she someone that you can still trust to confide in? Friendships do change over time. But if you're really close you should be able to work things out.

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