Don't know what to do

I take a train to work in the morning and I would always notice this unbelievably gorgeous woman who gets on at my stop. She is looks like she is half Japanese and half Spanish. Dark skin, AMAZING body and the most beautiful face I have ever seen. A few months ago she happened to sit next to me and I instinctively his my wedding ring. I love my wife but it was just instinct. We started talking and sitting together every morning. We get pretty flirty but it has been innocent. The other day I went out to dinner with my wife and our 4 year old. I had no idea, but the next morning on the train she told me that she was also having dinner there and saw me with my family. She asked me why I never mentioned that I was married. I said I didn't know, that I figured we were friends and it was not big deal. She said I looked like a wonderful father and was impressed with how beautiful my wife was. Then she said that seeing that made her so attracted to me. I had no idea how to respond so I didn't. Every day since she has been coming up with all these different plans about how we could discreetly have s** after or early before work. I am not the cheating type but I don't know if I can keep resisting this woman. I see her every day and she is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. She knows I am into her because sometimes when she describes the scenarios she sees me getting hard. I don't know what to do. Help!

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  • F*** her 2day

  • Enjoy the affair while it lasts. Sounds unbelievably hot. You should tell her to get off the birth control. I got my girlfriend pregnant at about the same time as my wife got pregnant. The boys ended up only two months apart. To my wife, my girlfriend was just another single mom that we would have playdates with. I had an excuse to be with her and look like a good husband at the same time. When the kids were little I would take them over to her house and we would f*** like crazy while they napped or watched TV. I now have two kids with my wife and two with my girlfriend. My wife and her even hang out sometimes and she has no idea. I love my wife but i think my true love is my girlfriend. The constant danger of getting caught adds so much to the relationship and the s** that it sustains longer.

  • She was definitely pregnant. I went to one of her doctors appointments. Also she has been very honest with me about everything. She said the only reason she lied about being on birth control was because she wanted me so badly and didn't have any condoms. She felt like it was her only shot to be with me and didn't want to lose it. She ended up having a miscarriage in the first month and is on birth control now. I was upset about it at first. It was so hot sneaking off with her knowing that my child was growing in her. I still have not left my wife. It is hard because of our 4 year old. She has really been pushing me to leave my wife but it is complicated. When we were going to have a baby it was one thing, but the urgency is gone and to he honest, the thrill and danger of the affair is a huge part of what I am enjoying about the situation.

  • It sounds like she totally targeted you. She saw a life she wanted and decided to take it. You have to realize how crazy it is for someone to do that. I was in a similar situation that involved an ex-girlfriend who had broken up with me. I started seriously seeing someone else and was really happy in the new relationship. My ex saw me with her and started texting me again and coming on really strong. I gave in and slept with her a couple times and it was great, but I didn't want to leave the other relationship. My ex told me she was pregnant and that it was mine. I tried to do the right thing and broke it off with the other girl. I moved in with my ex and we started planning to have this kid. The only thing was she lied about being pregnant to get me to make the move to leave the other girl. This woman you are dealing with sounds like a manipulator. I would find out for sure if she is really pregnant before you leave your wife. If she lied about being on birth control she may be lying about being pregnant. Also if she is going to have a baby, you can say goodbye that body you are so into. I hope you like her personality because no matter how good she looks after her body will never be the same.

  • It's been a while since I've updated. My life is just spinning out of control. My wife ended up coming back...she believed me that what happened on the train was a one time thing. Obviously I couldn't continue living with the other woman in our home but I couldn't stop sleeping with her. She is just so f****** hot and amazing in bed. Just thinking about her makes me crazy. I was so into her that i didn't even think to notice that she never seemed to take any birth control pills at night even though she said she was on them and we never used protection. Last week she told me that she was lying about being on birth control and that she's pregnant. What was crazy is that my first reaction was excitement. I should have been freaking out but the thought of having a baby with this woman has me so turned on our s** has been even hotter. I started talking to a lawyer about a divorce, at this point I just need to take responsibility for everything. I thought I would have a hard time but the prospect of being with this woman is so exciting I can't think about anything else.

  • It has been the craziest week of my life. I told my wife that she should take as much time as she needs to think and she said she would stay at her sister's for a couple weeks, so I have basically been living with this other woman. We go to the train together in the morning and have s** every night. It has been so amazing. She likes to pretend we are married and tells me that we would have such hot children. My whole family would probably disown me if I left my wife for this woman (my parents included) but seeing what my life could be like with her makes me seriously consider it. I don't know what to do, I really don't want my wife to come back!

  • On Friday morning I told the girl on the train that my wife went to stay with her sister because of what happened. She said she felt bad and wanted to make it up to me, that since no one would be waiting at home she would buy me a drink after work. I agreed to one drink which turned into at least 8. I was in no condition to drive so i left my car at the station and she drove me home. After she pulled into my driveway there was a moment where we sat in silence just looking at each other. My heart was pounding and I wanted her so badly that when she leaned in to kiss me I didn't even think about stopping it. I don't even remember how we got from the car to the bedroom but I don't think our mouths separated for a second. Her body felt so amazing, soft and tight at the same time. I had forgotten what a body that had not had a kid felt like. It felt so dangerous and hot having s** with another woman in our bed, and I came inside of her twice...once that night and again in the morning. She was more than I could ever have imagined. In the morning she started modeling my wife's dresses for me an I felt like I was seeing how they were meant to hang on a woman. She picked one out and told me she needed to wear it to work (she works on Saturdays) since she didn't bring any clothes. She drove me to my car and asked if we could do it again tonight. I called my wife and picked a fight so she would stay away longer. At this point there is no way I can stop seeing this woman. I am having feelings I haven't had in years.

  • I find myself being very jealous of you. My wife's cousin is a half-and-half mixture and the most beautiful creature created that walks on two legs. I've told her how beautiful she is and that I love her, but that doesn't seem to help. Part of me screams out, "go jump on her every chance you get" and the other part "stay away from a very dangerous situation." Your wife would already flip out over the jerking off and the photos. Maybe we're both actually in in the same boat. This girl, however, is kind of pushing away from me. If she were doing to me what this lady is doing to you, I'm not sure if I could resist it. It's a very tough decision. I guess you already know what you SHOULD do, as do I. If you tell your wife the truth about what has happened up to now, she might still divorce you. But still better to be honest. I guess if that were to happen, the point would be moot. Wow, definitely a hard situation! What would I do if xxx actually wanted to do it with me?

  • I told my wife what happened on the train yesterday. I told her everything, poured out all my feelings of trying to resist this woman who was just not letting up and how I should have stopped her but didn't. It's like she didn't understand anything I was saying. She just yelled at me then she went to stay at her sister's for a few days...I didn't have to tell her...I thought honesty was the right approach. I was wrong.

  • I am in big trouble. This morning the weather changed and it was pretty cold outside. When she sat down next to me she put her coat on my lap. The next thing I know her hand is under the coat rubbing my crotch. I totally froze, I had no idea what to do. My brain was yelling to stop her but my heart was racing and I couldn't move. She unzipped my pants and kept going. She told me to nod when I was close. I did and she caught my c** in a napkin. It was the scariest and hottest thing that has ever happened to me. She says now I have no excuse not to meet her before or after work...

  • F*** her and stop thinking about it. Life's too short

  • H*** ya

  • Omg, you need to resist thing about women too is they compete for male attention..not for you but just for their own ego, sort of validates them so now she's found out you have a wife she just wants to prove to herself she is better than your wife it sounds like.
    I'll just tell you quickly a scenario that happened to me recently because I don't normally play this game but on this occasion I did.
    I'm a fairly attractive woman myself..been told I look a bit like Catherine zeta jones although not as tall lol anyways I was at a strip club with my ex..just trying to get him out and about lol and this stripper who had the most incredible body but dog ugly face was all over him although he wasn't giving her tips or nothing, I have no feelings for my ex whatsoever but I just wanted to proove to myself that I was better than her because she thought we were together and she was totally all over him glancing at me and asking him if he wanted to go out later that night.. So I got up and went over to some guys and started talking to them and ignored my ex and the stripper. I got this guy to buy me a drink and flirted with him so the stripper saw this and came over and offered the guy a dance, trying to compete with me, but the guy was like..p*** off to her haha. I didn't care about either of anyone there that night but I played the game and won...I was better than her even tho she had her t*** and p**** out and that's all that mattered..poor guys didn't get what they wanted tho but you see what I'm saying? That b**** you talking to sounds like she's playing the game...don't fall for it it's not about you, it's about her and her ego..don't potentially ruin your childs relationship with u over this because your kid is more important than that woman's ego being stroked.

  • I think u should talk to ur wife about this, just say that u love her more then anything and u will do ur best to aviod this women and if ur wife gets angry at u for talkingbto her in the first place then maby she isnt the one u want to be with, ur relation ship with ur kid might change bbut r u willing to loose that just to have s**?....but if u do decide to go with this girl dont cheat get a devorce then do wat u want.

  • F*** her!!!

  • This morning on the train she told me she wanted to show me something and hands me her phone. She had taken pictures of herself in underwear and without. Her body was more unbelievable than I had imagined. She told me I could do whatever I want to it. I don't know if she is doing this just for the challenge but it is working. I can't get those images out of my head.

  • You know the pros, you know the cons. The risk is you destroy your marriage and inevitably change the relationship with your child. The upside is you get something that you think is missing from your life.

    The real issue is whether or not you think you can live with yourself if you get caught. If you cheat and don't get caught, it's your psyche that you need to deal with. If you do get caught, what are you prepared to do? Do you want to get caught because deep-down you want out of your marriage?

    Easy enough for everyone to tell you what is good and bad about what you want to do. You need to decide what you're willing to accept as a level of risk and you need to realize that there are unintended consequences if things go against you. If you think you can deal with the fallout, then the morality of it is in your head, not anyone elses.

  • When you cheat you not only cheat on your wife but your children too. You need to nix this thing asap. What type of woman would want to destroy a happy family.

  • Go have some fun, get it off your system.

    Your wife probably has cheated on you with someone at some point.

    Having s** with a gorgeous woman will boost your confidence and make you feel better and treat better your family.

    No harm

  • Yes, harm. You can't assume that just because he wants to cheat means that his wife has. I would hope the man I'm going to marry wouldn't think like that.

  • The assumption isn't that his wife has cheated because he wants to. The assumption is based on the statistical data of more than half of all marriages have been affected by infidelity and that number is likely to be a lot higher if everyone answered honestly. In my experience, harm comes to those whom are caught. The problem with this guy's situation is that he is likely to be discovered if he does anything because he will then have to change his regular routine. He should simply coordinate a day with this mystery girl to take the day off. both go and meet up on the train as if it is a regular work day. but go to a hotel and s**** each others brains out the whole day. Get it out of your system and then go back to your family and be a good dad & husband until you need your f-buddy again. Maybe you could go hungry and s**** her on a lunch break from time to time. just be smart about it. Don't get caught and that includes don't take and STD's home.

  • The problem is that I see her every day on the train. We would have to intentionally avoid each other to not. This works against me in two ways. One, there is only so long I can resist her. A bad fight with my wife could send me over the edge...Two, if I wanted to end things I would still see her every day so getting out is complicated

  • No. Cheating hurts. I've been cheated on, and it's never been the same.

  • Get on a different train car.

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