So I'm a teenage guy and every year i have to get a sports phyiscal in order to play sports which is fine but. When it comes to the part where the doctor has to check your b**** it never fails I always get hard young, old, male, female, ugly, hot doesn't matter I always get a raging throbbing b****.. So I'm asking you guys and doctors out there is it normal to get erect every time??? All comments appreciated

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  • Its completely normal, i got my very first hj at my doctors i was 18 at the time and needed a physical the nurse was a gorgeous blonde with big b****** and i got hard just before she was about to touch me i apologized and she said it wasn't a problem so after the physical she took me to the bathroom and it was great ill never forget her

  • 2/10, just give up liar

  • Yes it's normal. Just some ppl can control it & others can't, that's all.

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