My friend ask me to do his Girl friend

My friend and I have been buddies since elementary school. We played football and we all showered at team players. The team called me wrecker and the name was popular in school. Some teacher ask why I had that name, I told her its how I wreck the other teams line. I could not imagine telling the real reason.
Some in the school knew the truth and many of the guys joked with the girls i dated. Called them wrecked for any other guys. So some girls would not date me. fearing that label.
My buddy kept telling his GF that was my name and the reason way. he kept asking her if she wanted to be wrecked just once? See what that monster would feel like? He pushed her and finally she said she did not want to, but for him she would.
So he had a party and invited several over. He and she and I were the only ones who knew what would happen later. The plan was she and i would go upstairs and lock the door. we would have s** and would return to the party. She would tell him what it was like.
She went up stairs and got ready for me. She text him and said send him up.
We had s**, she came down a bit after I did.
She told him the name was a good one and she was very sore. She was not prepared for that but she took it. Now she wants me to be with her a girl friend of hers. She does not want my friend to know.
Would be our personal secret.
I am not comfortable with that, and last night my buddy calls me and said, I hear you are doing my Gf and her friend next weekend. Why didnt you tell me?
She put me on the spot and now i want to tell him what she ask.

Jan 19, 2015

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  • Me and my girlfriend's knew who had big willys in high school, kids joked about it.

  • Horse s***!

  • F*** OFF!


  • Lies!

  • Fake as f*** confession if your reading the comments before reading this s*** just go to the next confession

  • Because you lack in your own life, do not put the same limits on others. You waste my everyones time with your comment.

  • Butt hurt... get this s*** outta here already

  • We can no longer confess on this website. They have removed naughty posts and if you try to confess something nothing happens.

  • Parts may be down for maintenance. Give it a day or so.

  • Lol, I call bullshit

  • Tell him the truth,she makin u look bad

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