Stripped bullied

I was 15 when some 17 year old boys dragged me out of the showers rapped in a towel, to embarrass me in front of group of girls. Die a thousand death when they ripped my towel off, so girls could look at my d***. Teachers never found out because they were all at the other side of the baseball field. I still remember a couple of those girls laughing about my p**** getting hard and boys telling them to j*** it. Never felt so naked and humiliated, having to watch those girls bragging about with other girls in school. Every day I went to school, felt like girls were stripping me with their eyes.

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  • I was having s** with a girl from my high school when another girl walked in on us. It turned out to be her sister. She just stood there looking at my d*** stuck up in the air telling me "my sister dosen't mind me looking at your d***" It went down pretty quickly.

  • Pt 4
    I was so embarresed thinking about this i didnt notice jessica bending down to spit i giant glob of her and kelseys spit in my face. Then i hear a zipper behind me. "Time for your shower loser" everyone in the hall broke out into laughter then i felt the pressure from the foot on my back loosen i continue to lay down trying to postpone people seeing my c** stain, then i felt a warm stream of p*** start to hit the back of my head it trickles down and forms a puddle around me. My shirt was soaked so nobody saw my c** stain but i was laying face down in a puddle of my bullies p***. The laughing crowd is cheering then Ace says " Now roll over and wallow in P*** little d*** PIG!! and as i do he starts chanting "P*** SOAKED PIGGGY"every one joined. Jessica was laughing her head off
    Looking up at her seeing her t*** bounce with every giggle put me back at full mast, then i look at kelsey she just looks down at me in utter disgust and says "Hes so pitiful" that makes Ace laugh" you mean pissful? This causes her to smile covering it with her hand. I feel tears well up in my eyes and Jessica bends over showing her aces and shouts "LOOK ITS GONNA CRY"! then bursts out lauging. Ace says "Alright girls i think he has learned his lesson! Besidew im not gonna beat him up today i dont want to get P*** ALL OVER ME" the girls return to his sides and he puts his hands on their a**** as they strut away, i hear the girls laugh as they walk off . I get up pull my pants up and walk out of school there was no way i could have finished the day after all that.

  • Pt3
    Before i knew it his arms went through mine and behind my head putting me in a full nelson. He liked holding my like that because it gave the ladies a good look at my d*** which was automatically hard because of the girls. Typically Jessica would just pont at it laugh at me probably because she thought i was too disgusting to touch, but today she moved in and pulled my pants down. Everyone in the halls was staring and i could feel their eyes burning holes thru me. But my eyes were focused on Kelsey, her eyes widend as she coverd her mouth to laugh and she was staring at my little d***.then i was pushed to the ground and felt that mighty foot hit the center of my back. "Now how can i teach you to listen when your supiriors are speaking to you?... ladies spit on him" jessica got down and started spitting in my face but kelsey said" I dont want to, spitting is gross" Jessica got up gave a little laugh and said "ight then kiss me babe" being on the ground i couldnt see but the sucking and puckering sounds of them kissing made my exposed d*** spurt, luckily my c*** was pointing up towards my shirt so nobody saw.. but when he let my up everyone would see the c** stain on the front of my shirt.

  • Pt 2
    . Sometimes Jessica would point to a guy and Ace would go intimadate them, take their money, beat them up, or sometimes he would push them from behind so they fell face down on the ground then put one foot on their backs, if that was the case you would never know how bad you would get it. Sometimes he just told them to get up and would let the girls laugh at there struggles, sometimes he would start spitting all over them, sometimes he would tell Jessica to have fun and she would get down and haphazzardly put make up on them, or kick them or spit on them or whatever else she could think of.One day i was walking to class when i saw her point at me they walked up and Ace sneered "Hey baby dicked b**** titts, looks like my beautiful girl wants to see you grovel" the girls let off their signature laughs. I try to keep walking hopeing he thought I didnt hear and that i could get to class before he grabbed me.

  • (Fake story for one handed readers pt1 ) i was overwieight and had 0 self esteem, people always made fun of my for my annoying voice and because I always wore shorts and the outline of my 3 inch erection could commenly be seen whenever a pretty girl was anywhere near me. Most everyone picked on me but the worst of it came from a guy named Ace. Ace was the same weight as me but dude was almost solid brawn no fat was visable, the girls in the school all agreed he was the hottest guy in the grade. He didnt have a girlfriend, he had two, he wasnt two timeing or anything it was some kind of poly thing. Jessica was his 1st girl she had short black hair, tatoos all up her right arm, her b****** where DD's both had an Ace of hearts tatooed on them she useally wore a tight low collar tank top to show them off, and her ass was tight and firm, she always wore yoga pants. The other girl was Kelsey, she had long flowing blonde hair, peirceing blue eyes, big beatiful lips, and huge b****** and a super fat ass. She was kinda overweight but nobody in school would have noticed because the rest of her body was so breathtaking. She seemed a lot nicer then Ace and Jessica, she did always laugh when Ace was bullying someone but it seemed more like a nervous laugh she would crack a big smile you would see her braces then she would cover it with her hand and would let out little chuckles. Jessica on the other hand would always join Ace in phisically abusing their victim and would laugh so loudly and hard you would swear she was just trying to hurt you with it, and she did, it was the kind of evil laugh that could make someone who said 2+2=4 feel like they were wrong and feel ashamed for speaking. Ace strutted around school like he owned it, with a girl in each arm and his hands always on their b****** or a****, He would stick his tounge out and the girls basically would make out with each other sanwiching his tounge between theirs.

  • I saw a bunch of senior boys harrassing a 15 year old boy from my school. They humiliated him in front of girls by stripping his clothes off. I remember he looked so embarrassed and scared he just stood with his d*** hanging out waiting to get back his clothes. My girl friends still talk about it because it was the sexiest thing they ever saw.

  • I was 17 when I laid my 15 year old sister over my knees with skirt hiked up and panties down and spanked her. She was so embarrassed about my friends figering her p****, she never could work up the corage of telling my parents. My friend still talk about how pink her p**** looked.

  • I once saw one of the girls we did drugs with stripped by her girl friends. She was so high she didn't even realize what was happening. They did nothing to stop boys from groping her and wet as far as stashing away her clothes. I remember my friends fingering her, grabbing her t*** and taking naked videos of her with her legs spread open. I remember the only reason she didn't get f*****, was because of embarrasment of dropping their pants in front of girls. I hate to admit looking at her, but she looked so hot out of ber school uniform I couldn't help getting a h******. Now everyone thinks of her as a s*** and a bunch of naked pictures of her to proof it.

  • I remember these senior boys from my school inviting me to drink beer with them after school. It was strange because they were older than me and I was 15. I went with them because I didn't want them to think I was being unfriendly. We went to what looked like a car repair shop where they had a cooler field with cans of beer. I remember we were drinking when a group of girls showed up asking them if they were going to do it. I didn't know what they ment, till I found out I was going to get my clothes taken off. I remember they did it front of those girls for the fun of embarrassing me. I had never felt so naked and humiliated in my whole life. I found out later they had done it to other boys and none of them reported it or told anyone out of shame. I was just the next in line that fell in their trap.

  • I was alway harrassed in high school by group black girls because I was white. They the virgin because I didn't have a boy friend. I remember one of them asking me if i was saving it for a blue prince. One day they sexually assaulted me in the school's bathroom by ripping off my panties and forcing me to hold up my skirt in front three boys that that gone in with them. They where threatening to push me out on the halway naked if I didn't do it. I was so intimidated and scared of being harmed I did it. I remember they kept telling me to lift it higher so they could see what white p**** looked like. It was so humiliating and degrading I never told any one.

  • I got beaten up on my way home from school by a group girls from my high school. I remember boys telling them to strip me. I almost died when they yanked off my skirt and panties and exposed my p**** to a bunch cheering boys.

  • When i was 15,i finially made my First Holy Communion in the class with the 2nd graders[7 year olds] My parents,along with my gramma and aunt dressed me in a sleeveless,poofy,top of the knees,communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and the white mary jane shoes.To make me more like the little girls,they put a cloth diaper and adult size,white plastic pants on me with a sleeveless undershirt as my top.After the ceremony,i went to the womens rest room to freshen up when four teen girls whom i had known from school and belonged to my parish came in and saw me and started making fun of me in my outfit! Three of them grabbed me and held me against the wall and held up the front of my communion dress while the fourth girl took several photos of the diaper and plastic pants under my dress with her cell phone! They told me i looked like a baby and that they were going to show the photos around school and i begged them not to! They did it anyway and i was the laughing stock of my school!

  • You were properly dressed for your First Holy Communion!

  • I was always bullied un high school. I wasn't the roughest or strongest boy in my school and showing weakness made it worst. One of the things I hated the most was seeing girls having fun watching it. They always seemed to be there at the right moment and always the same girls that hung out with them. I was sure they were going to rough me up when they caught me in the school gym. I would have prefered that instead of getting stripped. I remember they forced my pants and underwear down to humiliate me in front those girls. Getting held up half naked with my p**** exposed in front of laughing girls, was the most blood rushing experience of my life. Like always it was so embarrassing, reporting was something I would have never done. I got bully stripped and they only thing left was swallow my shame and keep quiet.

  • I was 15 when a group of senior boys took my clothes off to embarrasse me in front of girls. I remember I was doubled up on the ground waiting for them to throw my clothes back at me. Instead they made stand up facing girls and expose my p**** and beg for my clothes. It was their way to score points with girls.

  • I got my panties taken off in the school's bathroom by a group of girl. Spent the rest of the day with girls lifting my skirt in front lf boys.

  • Makes my d*** hard just to hear this

  • I once exposing my 13 year old sister's p**** in front of my two friends. I remember taking her panties off and holding her skirt up. She blond with blue eyes and her p**** lips light pink. We kept her panties an threatend to pin them on the school's bulletin board with her name ln them. Out of embarrassment she never said a word about.

  • I was kissing a boy I was dating in a back room of a party. I remember he wanted to take my clothes off and have s**, but I didn't want to go any ferther than kissing and touching. He told his two friends to help him take my clothes off. I remember the embarrassment of his friends holding me down, gabbing my t*** and watching him licking my p****. I got publicly humiliated because the door was left open with everyone looking.

  • I once saw a boy stripped by group of bullies to embarrass him front of eveyone. I remember my girl friends l****** over his p**** blowing up into a full h******. Found out skinny boys have big d****. No there are videos passed around and every girl in school knows what he looks like naked.

  • I was 15 years old when my older sister and her girl friends dragged me of the house naked. They did it just for fun of embarrassing me to the three boys tha lived next door. I remember they were lauging behind the window watching those boys looking at me over the back fence pointing their cel phones at me. They took their sweet time letting back in the house and horrified about other boys looking at those pictures.

  • I was stripped bullied by a group of senior boys just for the fun of doing it in front of girls. I was 14 and I have never forgoten the embarrassment I felt. They tricked me into going to the school's gym next to the baseball field. There were five girls there when they took my pants and underwear off to keep me from running away. I remember getting a h******, girls giggling looking at my p**** swingging side to side while trying to get my clothes back. So shocked about feeling so bare I didn't even try to cover myself. All I could do was stand there watching them getting turned on, throwing my clothes back at me a running away. Spent a whole year embarrassed about everyone in school about how I got stripped.

  • I was 10 years old when my own sister exposed my p**** to shame in front off her girl friends. Couldn't do anything because she and her girl friends were all 15 and stronger than me. I remember my sister pulling off my shorts along with my underwear. !God! I almost died of shame when my p**** popped out and couldn't stop my panis from getting hard. It just went hard as a board and no way of covering it. I just laid there with my p**** stuck up in the aire, my faces burning with shame while they laughed looking at it. It was the most embarrassing thing I had ever gone through. All my hang ups about getting boners went completely out the window. The worst was putting up with the teasing, when my friends found out I got stripped by girls and could only save face by lying about it.

  • I was just another high school girl that wanted to fit in with others girls. Every thing they did I would also do even when it ment harrasing other students. They were always making fun of a boy in our class because he was quiet and shy. One day they conspired with a group of boys into taking him into a field that was in the back area of the the school. They boy never dreamed they were going to take his clothes off to humiliate him in front of us. I went along with them because they all wanted to have fun seeing him stripped and din't dare to be the one spoiling their fun. I remember the boy ending up on the ground with nothing else but his shirt and socks, in front of giggling girls watching him getting an erection. I was also guilty for looking but still hard to not feel aroused by it. We all go away with it because the boy never said anything and swallowed his shame.

  • A girl in my school got stripped for being a flirt. At first this group of girls teamed up to give her beating but then realized stripping her clothes off would be far more humiliating. I remember them dragging her completly naked intentionally spreading her legs to shame her in front of boys. I remember they left her laying on the ground with her torn clothes all around her. The girl never had a chance to defend herself and just walked away in total shock. Found out afterwards that she quit school and never saw her again.

  • I was 16 when I got stripped in wooded area near school. Always went home that way, only that day would turn into the most blood rushing embarrassment I ever went through. When I saw a group of boys chatting with girls up ahead I never suspected anything. I wasn't the only one walking home that way, many other students used to go through there alI the time. I knew they were up to something when they pulled me off the trail. It was then when I realized they were all from another school. I got my clothes forcefully taken off in front of bunch of screaming girls telling them to strip me naked. I remember standing in front of them stark naked not knowing what to do. Walking home naked was one of the things that crossed my mind. Didn't bother to cover up because I knew they would forced my hands away. I remember it was so sexually embarrassing I sufferd the the shame of getting a h******. It just kept blowing up and couldn't do anything else but stand there in front of a bunch of crazy girls looking at it. Stood there burning with shame till I got my clothes back and went home. Never said a word about it and never could manage to erase it from my mind.

  • I was always bullied in school no mater what grade I was. Being quiet, shy and not knowing how to act or say the right things lead other boys to make fun of me. It was always the same group of rough tuff boys that spent their time having fun making me feel bad about myself. I remember they once poured a cup full of water down the front of my pants, so girls would laugh and think I peed in my pants. In a way I was bullied both by girls and boys because girls were as bad as them. They knew I felt so intimidated I would never report them for fear of having wrost thing done to me. My only defene was ignoring them but that didn't always worked and made them even more determined to abuse me. Every day seemed like they had something knew to shame me and just had to suck it up. One day they stole my clothes and left me stranded naked in the schools showers. They had even taken my towel and anything else laying around that could be used to cover myself. There was nothing but locked lockers in a row and found myself stranded wet and naked not knowing what to do. It was then when walked in with the usual girls that always hung out with. Remember them telling them "come look at the naked boy" and ended up in front of a bunch of giggling girls telling them to pull my arm away. Being held with my d*** exposed in front of those girls was the worst and most embarrassing thing that ever happed to me. I remember being held, girls slapping my butt, playing with my d*** and laughing about it getting hard. Felt so much shame having my p**** pilled back with girls taking turns jerking it I wanted to die. I had never been seen naked by so many girls. I just stood getting gropped dying of shame waiting to get my clothes back. The worst was having to look at those girls every day in the school's halls watching them laughing with other girls. What did I do? NOTHING just sucked it up like just one more school stripping and swallow my shame.

  • It's impressive how much one's emotions and experience can change the perspective. What you lived was a life-long trauma for a shy virgin, while it would have been a steaming fantasy with more experience and confidence.

    The weak and isolated will always be preyed upon, it's a deep-rooted animal instinct as strong in humans as it is in any other species. The best thing that can be done in these situations is toughen up and blend in any way you can, not matter how difficult it may be it is always preferable to the alternative.

  • I was 15 when I stripped my 11 year old brother. He was always looking up my girl friends skirt or slapping our butts. He was sure being a boy he could take us on but got a very embarrsing surprise instead. He was totally shocked about me pinning him on the ground and how strong I was. His shock turned into panic when we pulled his shorts and underwear. It was easy because his shorts and underwear had elastic waist band and both slid off in one go. I remember his face turned orange when he saw himself naked on the floor with his little d*** stiff as dog's milk bone. I've got to admit he put up a good struggle but not enough to over power three older girls with intention of humiliating him as much as we could. It was then when we saw two young girls that happed to go to his same school. I remember we spread his legs wide to exposed his baby d*** and marble b**** so they could have a closer look and have a good story to tell in school. I remember we let him go, he took off running without even bothering to put his clothes on. My Mom never found out because he must have gotten dressed in the garage and so embarrassed he never told her. We later found out he wanted my Mom to put him in another school because every girl in school knows he got stripped. He dosen't even come out of his room when my girl friends come over to my house. Naked punishiments works wonders.

  • You gotta admit the punishment was grossly disproportionate to the offense, which makes you and your girlfriends the vicious bad guys of the story.

  • I was walking out of school when these boys asked me if I wanted to check out tunnels in the nearby fortress. I went with them because it sounded adventurous. Little did I know that they were planning to forced my clothes off in front of a group of girls that had gone there before us. I remember ending up on the ground bare ass naked with girls having a blast grabbing my d***. " let's see him get a b****" as they wiggled it and rubbed it to get hard. It did get hard with all the touching and practically getting masturbated. I was more scared of being left there naked than having girls checking out my d***. Almost got raped by those girls just to make shure to get my clothes back and go home covered up. I later found out I was the third boy they had stripped and the other two never said anything, because no boy would be wiilling to admit to something like that. I did the same.

  • My cousin once took my clothes off with the help of his friend. They did because they both were 16 and easy to take advantage of a 14 year old girl. To top it all I was wearing elastic sweat pants that they just yanked off easely along with my panties. I remember being pinned on the ground with both of them on top of me looking and spreading my p**** lips. God they even spread my butt to look at my ass hole. Couldn't do anything else but lay there half naked showing it all.

  • What can I got dragged out naked and a bunch of girls saw your d***. Your were not the only boy that got stripped bullied and not the only d*** those girls saw. Embarrassing yes, but if you think about the thrill and fun those girls had looking, you wouldn't had felt so embarrassed. Get over it.

  • That's an awful mindset. He was being humiliated, but other people were enjoying his humiliation, so that makes it okay somehow? What if it was a girl being humiliated in front of a bunch of guys in the same manner? Not as funny now is it?

  • I know right ? People are incredibly biased and hypocritical on the subject, boys and girls alike, both having a blast perpetrating and witnessing the humiliation, and not even honest enough to admit the wrongness of it.

    At the end of the day, they are disgusting animals masquerading as people, and hiding their lustful viciousness behind bullshit excuses.

  • You might say I bullied myself for being so stupid to wear a string bikini to a water park. What can I say, it was my first time in one of these parks. My girl friends told me to cross my arms over my b****** to keep my top from sliding up. Half way down the slide I completly lost my bottom and trying to hold on to it my top end up rapted around my neck. It was the only part of my bikini I didn't loose. Splashed out of that tube with my legs and p**** wide open, my t*** hanging out in front of a bunch of guys l****** over me. I publicly exposed every inch of myself while one of my girl friends came running towards me with a towel.
    I Iater was told that guys would gather around at the end of the slide just waiting for that to happed. Their lucky day, because they saw much more than they expected. Never went home so fast in my whole life.

  • I got spanked on my 15 year old birthday party. Thought it would be over my clothes till I felt my pants and underwear sliding down my legs. Can't discribe how embarrassed I felt being held up in the air with my d*** hanging down, my friends laughing and girls having a party looking at my d***. Took my 15 swats practically in my birth day suit and left with no secrets to hide.

  • My brother once sneacked into the bathroom an took a picture of me standing naked in the shower. He later threatend to show it to boys in school if I didn't take my clothes off in front of his friend. I was so embarrassed at the thought of boys in school looking at my naked picture, I told him I would do it if they promised to kept it secret. I remember it was first stripping down to nothing in front of both of them and induring the embarrassment. The second was letting myself get tuched and fingered and later forced into sucking their d****. I was basicaly turned into their private w**** every time they were h****. All because of naked picture I didn't want anyone to see.

  • My brother has always pulled pranks on me sinces I was a little. Things changed when I turned 14. He was 17 when he began touching me in a sexual way. He would sneak behind me, grab my t*** and then tell me they were filling up nicely. Not much I could but stand there with his hands over my b******, squeezing them and flicking my nipples with his fingers. He knew embarrassment would keep me from telling my Mom and he was right. One day he threw me over his lap in front of his friends, told me it was spanking time lifted my skirt, yanked my panties off and began slapping my butt. Felt helpless because my Mom was down the road at a neighbor while my brother was slapping my butt and spreading my legs and fingering my p****. My crotch exposed to the world, his friends feasting on it spreading my p**** and butt cheeks while my brother kept fingering and asking them if they wanted to see my t***. In the end I was stripped naked, touched every where, humiliated and couldn't do a thing about it.

  • I was dragged outside of the shower in school and towel ripped off. There were usually girls outside because they expected and knew what was going to happed. Didn't even have free arms to cover my d*** witch was creeping up on me. There was nothing girls didn't see that day. I still get notes from girls with drawings of d**** to embarrass me.

  • Getting stripped is far more embarrassing than years ago. Now days everyone has a smart phone with high quality lenses. You get stripped and you can be sure there will be plenty of naked pictures and videos of you floating out there and the whole world looking at them.

  • I got stripped because it was fun to do it with girls watching. It was what senior boys did to younger boys for kicks. You got suckered into going some place where no one would see, tell girls about it and forcefully stripped against your will. It happed to me when I was 15 and suffered the humiliation of being displayed in front of girls pointing their phones at me. Like you say, it's far more embarrassing now because pictures or videos are meant to be shown to other people or even published to the world. Your basically stripped of all dignity and left with the thought of naked pictures of you floating out there. It is also something you don't what to admit because of the embarrassing nature of the act. You just pretend it never happed.

  • Exactly. What was easily shrugged a generation ago now publicly hounds you for the rest of your life, thanks to technological progress and the unchanging baseness of human nature.

  • I can't help wondering, do any of the girls who enjoyed a big thrill at the time ever feel bad about it years later, when it finally dawns upon you how painful and damaging the event was from the boy's perspective ? Or do you simply laugh it off without a care, like a sociopath would ?

  • Not at all in fact my girl friends used to get guys to do it because it was a sexual turn on. We only picked boys we knew that would never dare say anything. No regrets because it was not like we harmed in any way just the embarrassment of being seen naked.

  • Really ? Tell me truly then : how would you have felt if you were the boy ? Let's say you are a shy young girl, and a bunch of older girls strip you in front a bunch of guys to give them a thrill. You are a weak teenage girl and it's happening to you right now. How do you feel ? And how do you feel afterwards, about guys, girls and yourself ? No harm whatsoever ? No damaging consequences ? Come now, you can't be that much of a hypocrite.

  • First of all girls rarely get stripped. But if it happed you can be shore there would be a bunch of guys watching and checking out her goodies. You have to admit guys get turned on looking at naked girls. So why make a big deal about girls looking at naked guys.

  • That is very true. Both guys and girls are similarly turned on by each other’s naked bodies, especially during the teenage phase, when everything is so new and exciting. But you realize that enjoying the view is not the problem, right ? That’s why you didn’t answer the questions above.

    How would you have felt – during the event, and afterwards ? What would have been the consequences on your social life and personality ? How would you have dealt with them ?

    Go ahead. Answer as sincerely as you can.

  • My date found out I'd been having s** with another girl the night before. I remember her getting romantic with me telling me to take a shower, walking in with two girl friends, ripping the shower curtain and telling them "he's all yours" No towel, no clothes, just two girls looking, flashing cell phones at me and running away. The next day she text me saying the pictures were very popular with girls.

  • I was called "virgin" in school because I wasn't f****** around with boys. They were always joking about my saving my p**** for a blue prince. I never dreamed they would lure me to a party, mix sleeping pills in my drink and later walking up ducked taped to a table stark naked. I remember them letting boys in the room, putting a bag over my head and standing around watching boys sucking my b**** and licking my p****. "Don't f*** her, just suck her p**** so she knows what an o***** feels like" while hanging around laughing. Till this day I not shore if oral s** is considered rape or just sexual molestation.

  • I was always getting sexually harassed in high school by the so called "popular group of girls" It was all about not acting the right way, wearing my uniform skirt under the my knees and not dating boys. You just had to take it because reporting it would have only made things worst, witch was what other girls did. One day they corner me in the school's gym, forced me to take off my blouse and bra and exposed my b****** in font of boys. I did it because I was scared shitless and they would have done it anyway. I remember a girl standing at the door looking out for approaching teachers, while boys looked saying "let's see her p****" Ended up naked with laughing girls telling me "keep those legs spread so they can see" Didn't even dare scream for fear of attracting attentions and constantly asked if I liked having boys looking at my p****. The worst was being forced to fingering myself and asked if I was saving it for marriage. It was the worst bullying I had suffered y school, the shame of having it spread through the whole school, having to shout up about it and constantly forced to lie about it.

  • Stripping was something that boys use to do to younger boys in school. It was the number 1 prank if you could pull it out. Trick was to do it when girls were around to make it more embarrassing. I remember my girl friends and I saw it happed twice and got an eye full. It was cruel seeing a defenceless boy getting his clothes take off, but have to admit it was sexually arousing to see their d**** totally exposed. Both went through the embarrassment of getting erections in public view. Apparently it's something they can't control.

  • That's embarassing

  • Leaving school I was approached by a group of boys gathered with four girls at the exit. They invited me to go with them to beat up train shack down a dirty pass. I wanted to pass on their invitation but felt so intimidated by them I didn't dare say no. They humiliated me by forcing my clothes off and humiliating me by exposing me in front of those girls. I remember them having a blast watching my p**** get hard and telling the to make me play with myself. "Do it or your going home naked" It was the worst bullying I had ever suffered in school and remember getting dress and walking away totally embarrassed. The teasing I got was even worst and guess lucky that neither my parents or teachers fond out.

  • I went with girls from school to one of the boys home to do a school project, that turned out into stripping one of the boys naked. They did it when we walked in to make him feel more embarrassed. I remember the kid kicking, screaming telling them "please not in front of girls" and no one making any attempt to stop it. We just watched his pants peeled off along with his under ware, his shoes slipping off along with them, his hard d*** popping out and no hands to cover it. Still remember his flushed red face, his d*** stood up like a banana and girls having a party looking at it. All I can say.........they best school project I ever went too.

  • Wow.

  • School for me was never enjoyable because other girls constantly harassed me. I was shy and could never say the right thing or act cool like most of the girls did. I remember these girls caught me taking a pee in the school bathroom, taking my panties off and running away with them. When I walked out I found them gathered on the hall showing my underwear to a group of boys. As I walked passed them one of them told me they were going lift up my skirt in front of boys if said anything to a teacher. I spent the whole day in school with girls laughing at me and boys trying peep under my skirt. I remember they chased me across the park, pushed me into a public bathroom and told me to hold my skirt up in front of boys that had walked in with them. I remember them asking me if liked boys looking at me forcing my legs apart saying "let's give boys a show" telling me to keep my mouth shout or they would strip me, rape me and leave me naked on the street. I never told anyone about it and spent the whole school year scared that it would happen again.

  • A similar incident happed to me in high school at the hands of a group of girls that were always harassing me. They intimidated a girl I knew in school into luring me away from school grounds. We were supposed to do school homework at her home but it turned out it wasn't her house. I remember she took off running as soon as I walked in, Found myself facing the group of harassing group of girls and instantly knew I had been set up. I remember getting stripped naked, pushed into a room and getting orally raped by three guys I had never had seen in school. I remember them watching me getting spreading out taking turns sucking my t*** and my p**** while threatening to push me out naked on the street. It was so degrading and helpless I could never told anyone about it. I remember lying to my parents about drugs in school so they would send me to another. It was the only way to drop out a make a fresh start in another school without having to tell the truth.

  • Well I was in the toilet cubicle taking a s*** and I saw two eyes peeping from underneath the cubicle door. I rushed out without keeping my p**** and grabbed that guy and yanked his pants down and started jerking his p**** (weird though, his was bigger than mine). He screamed and 4 other guys rushed in with 3 girls and the guys kits pushed me into the wall and held my legs and arms. The 3 girls laughed at my smaller p**** and forced me to m********* after they shaved off all my pubes. Then they kicked my b**** and number of times and jerked me off again but I was squirming as my glans and became super sensitive but they kept pulling back my foreskin and rubbing my glans... I finally e******** on my own stomach and neck and the 5 other guys circle jerked on to my stomach while the girls continued fondling my genitals and punching my erection occasionally, saying how hard and small it was. And how nice it was after shaving.

  • I took a shower at the rung time and place. I soon found myself facing the wall because three girls had walked in. Looked at them over my shoulder picking up my clothes and towel instantly knew it was no mistake. " You want these" the said holding them up and adding "turn around and we might give them back" Better hurry up before some finds out and added "remember hands up in the air" It was three against God knows how many others and turned around. Got them back but only after watching me get a full erection, witch was the main reason they had walked in. "Nice" as they took a long look at it and "don't worry no one will know" dropped me clothes on the floor and took off running. They kept it alright, but sure they did it to spear me further embarrassment and save the skins.

  • I was always harassed and intimidated by a group of boys in high school. Seemed like they were always dreaming up bad things to do to me. One day I went to the bathroom during break time and they walked in with four girls and caught me peeing. Told me they were there because they wanted to see my p****. I remember them pulling down my pants and boxers, girls saying "look at that b****" and running all out. It happed so fast I didn't even have a chance to react. The humiliation came afterwards when everyone found out and the talk of every girl in school. Couldn't do anything but swallow my shame and pretend it didn't happed.

  • I was 14 when my two older brothers took my bathing suit off on our home swimming pool. They had invited their girl friends and didn't want me hanging around. I guess stripping my bathing suit in front of them and swinging me into the pool was a full proof way to send me racing into the house. I still remember them holding me by arms and legs and watching their girl friend looking at my p****. I still remember the embarrassment of racing around the pool stark naked parading my bare butt all the way into the house. Stayed in my room all mourning waiting for their girl friends to home.

  • I remember most of the boys and girls from my class where at the pool. It was a sort of school year end pool party that one of the girls parents had given her permission to do it at her home pool. It was the first time we had seen the girls in our class in bikinis and out of their ugly school uniform. I never imagined they would look so sexy and couldn't stop looking at them. Well I fell for the oldest prank in the book when these three girls sitting by the pool called me over. Stood in front of them while they asked me some stupid questions and then got me swimming suit yanked down. It happed so fast, it just took a split second to find myself stark naked in front of three girls looking down at my d***. I never found out witch of my friends did it, but shore those girls were in on it. What dis I do? Pulled my trunks back up with a face as red as tomato and never left a party so fast in my life. Not even my own sister had seen me so naked and the worst was all three were best friends of my sister. Can't even begin to tell you about all the teasing they out me through.

  • I wish I was you and showed my p.... to the girls

  • I'll tell you what happened to me when I was 15. I was also jumped like this and I was almost stripped in front of one of their sisters who was staring intently. I was able to keep my pants up and as I was walking away the stupid sister tired to pull my pants down. I was able to stop her and I got the H*** away from there.

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