Stripped bullied

I was 15 when some 17 year old boys dragged me out of the showers rapped in a towel, to embarrass me in front of group of girls. Die a thousand death when they ripped my towel off, so girls could look at my d***. Teachers never found out because they were all at the other side of the baseball field. I still remember a couple of those girls laughing about my p**** getting hard and boys telling them to j*** it. Never felt so naked and humiliated, having to watch those girls bragging about with other girls in school. Every day I went to school, felt like girls were stripping me with their eyes.

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  • Well I was in the toilet cubicle taking a s*** and I saw two eyes peeping from underneath the cubicle door. I rushed out without keeping my p**** and grabbed that guy and yanked his pants down and started jerking his p**** (weird though, his was bigger than mine). He screamed and 4 other guys rushed in with 3 girls and the guys kits pushed me into the wall and held my legs and arms. The 3 girls laughed at my smaller p**** and forced me to m********* after they shaved off all my pubes. Then they kicked my b**** and number of times and jerked me off again but I was squirming as my glans and became super sensitive but they kept pulling back my foreskin and rubbing my glans... I finally e******** on my own stomach and neck and the 5 other guys circle jerked on to my stomach while the girls continued fondling my genitals and punching my erection occasionally, saying how hard and small it was. And how nice it was after shaving.

  • I took a shower at the rung time and place. I soon found myself facing the wall because three girls had walked in. Looked at them over my shoulder picking up my clothes and towel instantly knew it was no mistake. " You want these" the said holding them up and adding "turn around and we might give them back" Better hurry up before some finds out and added "remember hands up in the air" It was three against God knows how many others and turned around. Got them back but only after watching me get a full erection, witch was the main reason they had walked in. "Nice" as they took a long look at it and "don't worry no one will know" dropped me clothes on the floor and took off running. They kept it alright, but sure they did it to spear me further embarrassment and save the skins.

  • I was always harassed and intimidated by a group of boys in high school. Seemed like they were always dreaming up bad things to do to me. One day I went to the bathroom during break time and they walked in with four girls and caught me peeing. Told me they were there because they wanted to see my p****. I remember them pulling down my pants and boxers, girls saying "look at that b****" and running all out. It happed so fast I didn't even have a chance to react. The humiliation came afterwards when everyone found out and the talk of every girl in school. Couldn't do anything but swallow my shame and pretend it didn't happed.

  • I was 14 when my two older brothers took my bathing suit off on our home swimming pool. They had invited their girl friends and didn't want me hanging around. I guess stripping my bathing suit in front of them and swinging me into the pool was a full proof way to send me racing into the house. I still remember them holding me by arms and legs and watching their girl friend looking at my p****. I still remember the embarrassment of racing around the pool stark naked parading my bare butt all the way into the house. Stayed in my room all mourning waiting for their girl friends to home.

  • I wish I was you and showed my p.... to the girls

  • I'll tell you what happened to me when I was 15. I was also jumped like this and I was almost stripped in front of one of their sisters who was staring intently. I was able to keep my pants up and as I was walking away the stupid sister tired to pull my pants down. I was able to stop her and I got the H*** away from there.

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