Im young (13, haha) but I feel like I'm

Im young (13, haha) but I feel like I'm a very mature person.
I know the differences between right and wrong, fact and fiction, the problems in life and how to look on the bright side. I see flaws in people around me but I know to overlook them and love them for who they are. I realize that in the end no one can really be perfect (especially me) and that maybe it's better to just to find the perfect imperfections that life has to offer. I may not have the best grades but I know that the teachers at my school bust their humps trying to teach a bunch of bratty, stuck up and self absorbed kids who will never listen, and I respect them for that. I see that the world and society is much more fragile than what most people see. And I know that its not all just puppy dogs and ice cream, for there is darkness and evil and hate and things that can sicken your heart too.
And I want to share my thoughts with people who would listen and understand me.
But Im doomed to stay quiet cuz haha, I'm afraid of my own shadow.
God has a h*** of a sense of humor.


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  • So, since you are mature and have a handle on life, why don't you just leave home (your room) and go out, get a job and support yourself; just like mature, responsible adults.

  • What a bunch of immature gibberish.

  • You think you know everything.
    Reality is, you know absolutely nothing.
    You'll be surprised..

  • I thought I was grown too when I was 13, jsut like you. Now, I look at all these kids like you and I want to tell yall to be a kid, and stop trying to be grown. Being an adult sucks!

  • ^See, this poster is nothing but one dimensional drivel. Don't get me wrong, whoever said you know nothing is right, but that doesn't mean you're stupid, it means you are ignorant. Read, meet people, and start now, if you are so eager to make change as you profess. start finding out for yourself the good and bad that exists in this world. and ignore these pseudo-nihilists they can't even do their own philosophy right, much less explain anything properly to you.

  • The facts that you see the world as a good place, let alone one with a god in it shows your naivety. You probably are right in that you are more mature, though. Most kids are stupid. Most adults are stupid, too. The difference is, adults have generally seen more of the hatred in the world because they've lived longer and come to understand how much this place sucks. Get prepared for that.

  • Hey, I have a lot in common with you and I'm 30! I did terrible in the public school system yet I was an excellent student in college. Your brillaint and expressive, just don't go off track and forget what you already know. You will really make something of yourself if you follow your own intellect and voice. Good luck in life and don't let people bring you down some live to hurt others!

  • You know nothing.

  • Don't listen to people who tell you that you still have a lot to learn. You already know much more than they do.

  • Sounds like you're off to a good start. I was kind like you when I was 13 except maybe I was a little more of a pessimist. But years later I still keep my eyes open, don't let the crap get me down too much, and have learned not to be surprised when things (and people) turn out NOT to be quite what they seemed at first glance. Which sometimes is NICE.

  • You still have so much to learn. Hahaha

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