Look, I expect to experience a

Look, I expect to experience a lifestyle of lavish affluence via a jackpot lotto win. Why? Because I want to. I have nothing left to experience now but extreme wealth. First, I wanted a boyfriend, I tried love, I tried marriage, I have kids, I became a writer- now I want to experience a lifestyle of extreme lavish affluence and I want to do it by buying a quickpick Lotto Texas ticket. I want to know what its like to win a lot- a multimillion dollar jackpot- of money. What is the process? What happens technically? And what does it FEEL like? I want to know. I want to experience it. I always experience everything that comes in my mind and I've ever set my heart on. That's because I expect to. If it's in my mind, I know it's going to happen. All I have to do is write it down and talk about it and I'll experience it. So…what happens? I'll accept my experience now please.

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  • ^ I'll tell my husband to have more faith in himself then :)

  • LOL I beleve if its in your mind and you think about it enough it will happen!

  • That's all assuming she does win. You may end up like my husband putting every dime into the lotto, and always getting the s*** end of the deal.

  • Keep buying those tickets by yourself, and also pitch in for the tickets at work.

    I'm guessing you are in the States. Each State take their particular amount of tax from your winnings. In Canada, they touch nothing. You also have the chance for a slow payout, or a decreased instant payout. Most take the instant because they can instantly put it in a savings account for more interest than you could get by waiting for the slow but more payout.

    Next the hundreds of phonecalls for donations, business opportunities, and things for sale. First stop should be your bank. Hide some, set some for thrift purpose, some for giving away to family or friends. Then take a trip. Go and hide from the public eye. Prepay all your bills and get someone to watch your stuff.

    Now having some money doesn't get you your lifestyle unless you invest and have that pay off. You WILL burn though the money if you don't. There are many examples of winners ending bankrupt because they overspent and didn't plan. They buy the house, the boat, other toys but they don't pay for them in full.. but when the next few payments overtake their slow payout, oopsie, you're broke!

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