I pray Jesus comes to my aide and is saviour I ask Jesus for forgiveness all pray he gives it please

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  • You cannot excuse your wrong doing by praying for forgiveness. If you seek true forgiveness, you need to seek it from the persons who were the victims of your wrong doing. You may not receive forgiveness, and you should prepare yourself for that.

  • So totally true, and nearly all people are too cowardly to own their $hit. Not only that but they think crying to a sky daddy makes them sound pious. No wonder this world is such a mess

  • Jesus raped me one time

  • Yes, he takes after his father. He raped some married chick called Mary, at least that was her excuse.

  • You didn't do anything to Jesus f*** him you don't owe him anything just try to find the plot holes in the story they are there

  • Is jesus black ow wut?

  • No, he's a filthy arab

  • Amen!

  • Hope he answers to satan praying

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