I am falling for you.

We may have only met in August but I know we are meant to be. Being the new girl in a small town is hard anyways but it was my last year as a high school student. No I was not wanting to make friends because I knew in a short few months we were leaving and I didn't want to get hurt. I came into this school all bitchy and then I saw you. Freshly shaved, cowboy boots, ripped jeans, and an Iowa shirt I saw you shook your hand like an idiot and didn't talk to you for a week. Because I am on the heavy side I wore t-shirts and shorts or jeans everyday you saw I was wearing Chicago Cubs shirts all the time so you did. I know nothing about sports but I did remember the first time I saw you and you had a glowing light around you so I started watching games. I would bring up games all the time we became close but then my friend asked me if I could ask you to ask her to the homecoming dance. When I asked you if you had a date your eyes brightened up like a little kid on Christmas. But I told you to ask my friend instead. I asked your best friend to the dance... You two went to the dance together but you refused to dance and I refused to dance with your friend you just looked at me all night. You started dating my friend and I didn't talk to you for weeks and still haven't. She ended up dumping you for the "real" star of the football team and you wouldn't even look at me like it was my fault. Well I sent you an anonymous card for valentines day and I want to tell you its me but the problem is is that I am a fat cow and you are a twig. So what do I do?

Feb 13, 2015

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