I found my Valentine gift on backpages

My ex would give me a blow the night before Valentine day. Was a special warm up and special gift she wanted me to have. I looked forward to that every year. When I word nights, she brought me dinner, gave it to me in the car at work.

Then we parted ways, and each year since I have thought about this the night before Valentine.
last year I hired someone from Craigslist and it was not bad. I got my money worth, but not the pleasure my ex gave.
This year I requested a women with removable teeth. Someone would could do an extra special job for me. I turned down offers from men, and one man who wanted to pay me if i let him blow me. Sorry I can not take the idea of my c*** in any mouth that does not have a vag on the other end.
She arrived at noon time and not a ugly woman, but not the best built. Tall and big woman, large mouth. She did an outstanding job for me. I paid for another after I gave her a drink. She worked topless and that was nice. She had a long breast that swept upward some.
I have her on my phone now, she will come any time I ask. Will go anything I ask for sexually. I think I am happy with the oral part she does SO well

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