I'm the woman (25) who wrote about

I'm the woman (25) who wrote about being unhappy with my boyfriend of 3 years that I lived with for 1 year.
I left him, and things are going well. I am getting to travel to France for a month with extra money I had saved up.
It turns out he was really unhappy too, lol he had even had a suitcase packed and spent a month trying to find a way to tell me how unhappy he was.
I work as a secretary for a dental college, and the doctor I work for said since I work so hard he had no issues giving me the time off.
I want to thank you, if I listened to the crowd I'd still be unhappy. I will miss him a little, but we'll always be friends. I just wanted to say goodbye to you, I'd post my email address, but, well thats inviting trouble. Good luck, and I hope your life is going good. If its not fix it like I did : ) !


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  • Maybe he meant he was being sarcastic about being well educated?

  • ^Actually there is something wrong with it, might as well say "Look at that obese fat dickless noob trying to prove his intelligence, but failing miserably." Did you catch on to what was wrong in that sentence b****?

  • F*** ALL U WHORES....There's nothing wrong with extremely well educated. Perhaps it doesn't sound right because you're so f****** stupid!

  • ^ Hey, I'm already lining them up!

  • Leave your husband! and go to a really cool orgy filled with hot people!

  • I'm on the side of the guy who told Karen to leave her old man. Good job Mr. whoever you are. Now will you tell me to leave my husband?

  • ^Umm she hasn't found a new guy, I think she is just going to travel some, she never said anything about a new guy. I may shoot off at the mouth, but I read what is said without adding what is not there.
    My reason for shooting off at the mouth is simple, I tend to get annoyed at the value people place on relationships and only relationships. You, like so many other people think that relationships are the only thing that matters in life and if I am reading you wrong, well imagine how I must feel with how off the mark you are about me.
    Life is more than relationships, more than the next person, there is travel, art, culture, passion. Even if she does have a failed relationship with a next person, and next, and next she hasn't failed at anything. she is living. If you aren't happy with the person you are with, then you should leave them. I know thats hard for you to understand, but thats okay too, your last paragraph shows that you are just as vindictive and insulting as I am, so please, like I said before, go f*** yourself sideways.

  • First of all none of the commenters who said she should stay wanted her to be miserable. That wasn't what we were saying at all. Her reason for leaving to me was not a good one becuase it happens in every relationship no matter who you date. The next person would just be a temporary fix. The question now is what happens when this guy gets old then the cycle continues. And no matter how much you love a person sooner or later they are going to get old and you are going to need something else to keep you attracted. I wish Karen all the luck in the world with this new guy. I have no reason to change my advice now because it's still relevant. When things get old and stale with this guy she's going to face the same delima. And your running off at the mouth lets me know that you are not that right to often and don't know how to handle the 1 time out of 100 that somebody actually took your advice.

  • If you are extremely educated why did you create such an atrocious sentence? It sounds awful, the two adjectives in froont of educated sound awful; maybe you should further your education and learn about essay writing or poetry!

    The sentence im referring to: " I am extremely well educated, and in actuality, it was meant to be sarcastic!"

    Great job Karen! France is wonderful!

  • ^ I am sure you are well educated (Pat on head) but my guess is it was only meant to be sarcastic after my question. I apologize in doubting your level of sentience, but it has been my experience that many people have an over inflated sense of their own intelligence. Notice also I can make a point without name calling, something else that makes me doubt your own level of education. As I said the first time, none of my business. This was my second time looking at this page, and my last so have fun insulting me after Ieave, it might be the best way for you to have a fair chance.
    Good Luck!

  • ^^articulate = "a well communicated position", ya DORK! "TO articulate", means to further explain or elaborate a position. Dumbass! I am extremely well educated, and in actuality, it was meant to be sarcastic!

  • Not to start trouble here, but are you asking b******* comment guy or the birth control guy to articulate? Because they both expressed their points in plain English, so my guess is you have no idea what articulate means, or you're not bright enough to know what they mean. Either way, none of my business.

  • ^Articulate?!

  • ^^You sir are a smithy of words, b******* huh? Because I felt someone should leave the person they are unhappy with, and I was attacked by everyone else for having a different opinion?
    Here's the deal friend, I'm nice to people who are nice, not to reasons for birth control such as yourself.

  • ^I would comment but this guy above is a b*******

  • Hi, I was the guy that gave you the advice to leave. I'm glad it worked out for you, you seemed a nice enough person, and there is never a reason why people should live together and be miserable. I really hope your life keeps going in this direction, and I really hope you enjoy France!
    Now to the next part: (Karen this is not for you.)

    To each one of you miserable dumbasses who told her to stick it out with her boyfriend, go f*** yourselves sideways. I'm waiting for each of you to congratulate her on her brave decision, and act like you thought she should break up too. Go live the rest of your unhappy lives with the person you should have had the courage to break up with a long time ago, and don't add hypocrisy to the list of your obvious flaws.

  • Way to go Karen!

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