I really wish my wife and kid would

I really wish my wife and kid would just STFU for 10 minutes and let me rest. I never get any time away from this place and they're driving me up the wall with their inane babbling.

I used to think I could handle having a family but I wish more and more that I lived alone out on a f****** mountaintop someplace.

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  • Shoot them all.

  • Find something that you can do once a week, just for you. I am a woman, so my treat every Sunday is a trip to the nail salon. Those 2 hours away from home make me a much better mother and wife! Even an hour of sitting at the park alone may do the trick! You are a good man for sticking around for your family, even if it does get hard sometimes.

  • ^ Wow, someone sounds a bit stressed. Poor things, why don't we make an orgy at that mountain top?

  • Kids are a blessing and a curse. Kiss your free time and own hobbies goodbye. You'll now be chasing your kid, wasting your weekends and evenings taking them to soccer, hockey, volleyball, baseball, football, you name it. Your life begins to revolve around their sports or interests.

    This is when grandma comes to the rescue. You shove the kids off on her just so you can get some work done. Yard work or house cleaning, bills, maybe a quicky. Then the kids are back and the house destroyed again.

    They'll cost you more money than you want as you want them to have what you had.

    I'm just waiting for them to grow old enough that I don't have to change diapers. But after that, you still have to wipe their bum. Once school starts, you can finally get your morning to yourself. But then it'll be about making a lunch for them, preparing to pick them up from school, helping them with homework, making sure they get sleep for the next day.

    And somewhere how am I to find the cash for a reno for the house? Arrgg!

  • ^ I see clearly how marriage sux, I am leaving my husband and the s** has actually improved since we agreed to seperate!

  • Just join the club of married men (and women) ! Who does not feel that way at least once a week after they assume the responsibility of being a spouse and being a parent? Life sux but it sux in every way. Soetimes you need to get away from them. Time out. Talk to her. She will understand-slowly or quickly, hard way or easy way.

  • ^Yeah, but that kinda defeats the purpose. We'd all have to take a vow of silence or something first.

  • ^ Too funny!

  • Hope there's room for one more on your mountain top. I have a feeling you're gonna have a shitload of neighbors up there, lol!

  • hey, ya know, maybe you should talk to them about it. If they really don't listen to you [your wife mostly, your kid isn't really likely to take you into serious consideration at this point if he's not older than 13] then try again at some other time.

    If the problem still goes on, even after the 11, 97987 th request for 10 minutes of peace, then get a divorce. It's obvious that the lady doesn't consider your peace of mind as important as her affairs.


  • I am a married woman and feel the same way about my husband , can I go to that mountain top with you?

  • Its never too late, just pay for the kid.

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