I found and ended the 46 year old virgin

A woman came by my garage and ask me to check her tire pressure for the snow. I did and she tried to pay me. I told her no charge, if she needed a mechanic to call me. She could pay me when I did work for her.
The next morning the phone rings at the shop. She is stuck in her drive way and the car will not start. I arrive in the snow covered roads; she has buried the car and then ran it hot.
She needed something from the store, so I took her. When we got back I got her car started and put in place. I shoveled her drive way for her.
She said it was nice to have a man around. She has lived along since she finished high school. I ask how long it had been since she had a date? she said all her life. I ask how in this world she could have not been ask out?
She pulled out a picture and its a huge woman in a sweat suit and an old man.
Old man was her dead father, and the only picture of her around. Due to weight she would not take them. I t did not look like her, she now was a curvy built woman with a beautiful face.
She made a joke about being the forty years old virgin plus. I thought she was joking, but she was serious.
I took her to dinner that night, and I told her I did not want a relationship. I just ended a rough marriage and did not need to start a new one.
When we got back from dinner she told me to forgive her being forward, but this might be the only time in her life she has the opportunity, would I mind spending the night? and would the virgin part be a problem.
I could leave in the morning with nothing attached.
Well she is no longer the virgin at 46. She is the happy woman who looked at me like she had fallen in love.
I have a date with her on Friday night.

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  • I'm a 50 yr old married guy in a boring and almost sexless marriage. While watchibg p*** 1 night I saw a woman with a huge clitorus, it really turned me on. So I posted an ad on Craigslist searching for a woman with a big one who'd let me give her oral. This heavy set 35 yr old woman responded and after some talk we met at a motel.I went down on her and she came in minutes. She thanked me for getting her off saying her husband refuses to provide what I did. I said I really enjoyed her too and would do it for her anytime she wanted. She said she would love to see me now and then and that she enjoyed being a very dirty girl for a change. She asked me if she could give me a b******* and told me to come in her mouth, so I did. There wasn't any intercourse but I never came like that in my life. I can't wait to see her again.

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