I need help with Love...:?

(Sorry for my english.I am not so good)(Hey guys...I am new here and I wanted to try something new...I think shareing with someone is good...soo pls help me and here is my story)
Hello guy...So I am 16 years old and I am preaty sure that I am gay(I dont like it but I cant choose)I have allway been thinking about boys and stuff...but befor two years i changet my school...new classmates,new people,new life for me whole new page...But I found one of my classmates very cool...and nothing more(he is sexy but I said no to them fells :D)I tryed to be like...more manly soo I could be one of his friends...soo time passed and we became very close...and soo I found that i feel something...something that I never felt before..love...I was falling in love with him...I wanted to stop it somehow but it was inposible(he is kind of homophobic..which is bad)So I told myself that I will tell him..and it never hapened...he lives like 150 km from the town that is our school and I went there for birthday party...I said okay this time I will tell him...nothing again...I think its getting worse..I think about him everyday and night and text with him all the time...he told me many things about him...I did the same about me...I felt so much pain in my last school..for being nice and kind to people..I said I will change in my new school...but now...where did I go wrong...I think he knows that I am gay but...I dont know..I never felt love like that...thats why I am asking..I need some help and advice because I am confused and I feel lost :/ !?!?

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  • If he is honophobic. Do yourself a favor and dont tell him. Are you femme looking? If you are maybe talk and share p***. Get together and watch p*** with him. Watch straight p***. Wait till he gets really h**** then tell him something along the lines of. Man this got me so hard I swear id let anyone blow me right now. Say it jokingly. See his reaction. He he responds with the same. Then jokingly say. Hey maybe we should blow each other lol. If he somwhat agrees. Just grab his co ck. Im not gay. However if this happened to me and I was h**** and you look femme. I would possibly go with the flow.

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