It hurts

My girlfriend was the nicest person i knew, we started dating since October 30, 2009 i think it was Halloween,lol . she broke up with me this June. and the reason she gave me was that i was cheating on her. i gave my girlfriend my Facebook password a long time ago. and she went through it, and she found out that jan 10 2010 i messaged a girl that if u ever need help i be their. the second reason she gave me is, i was talking to few girls back in india. i was born in india and i moved to USA when i was in 8th grade so i had few crushes back home lol. so for just messing with them i told them i would date u guys if i was in india (i knew that they have bf and they knew i was just messing with them) she saw that too. she found this out some time in November 2010. i told my gf that i was just messing with them and that she can ask them, she believed me and everything was fine. and then one day some time this year in may 2011 she told me we need a break, i dint know what was wrong she told me we dont have that click any more, it hurt-ed me but their was nothing i could do.we were on a break for 2 week or soo, then she called me and said i think we should break up, i just need some space so i can figure stuff out. that ripped me apart. i cant do any thing i am just help less. she also said we dont have the chemistry anymore hahaha that hurted even more. its been 2 months since we broke up but it hurts me soo bad that because of my stupid mistake i lost a wonderful person. i asked her if she will give me a second chance she said no. i pray to god that she gives me a second chance i miss her. if u ever read this just know that i love u


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  • Don't give out your facebook password.

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