Stepdaughter seduction

It started with no meanings at all.
Daily my stepdaughter of 17 whas sitting in fron tof me across the coffee table. as normal sometimes she putted her feets on the table with her knees up. first i didnt notice, but one day she whas sitting that way again and with her legs a little open so i had a good view on het small undies. from that moment i looked every time between her tender legs and have good views of her sexy undies. she must have noticed it becouse one day she whas again sitting like that and now she opend her legs even more and looked at me with a shy smile, i did see that she had a little string what whas a little seetru. i could see her lips and her little hairs on her p****, nice shaved. as she whas sitting there she started swinging her knees a little. after a while she stands up and went to her room, when she passed me she gave me a little smile. after about 10 minutes she came back and took a sit again. now she had a different string on, and a bigger smile. i could not stand it, and i went up to the bathroom, there i got a suprise. her string that she did wear before whas laying on top of the sink and when i took it in my hands i felt that it whas soaking wet. i smelt on it, and my god, it smelt as that she had squirted in that string. i putted it away and went back to living room.
she still whas sitting there and looked at me with a big sexy smile when i came in the room.
she stands up runs to toilet, and when she came back she sits again with her legs wide open. omg, i looked right at her p**** becouse she took her undies off and whas sitting there witout anything under that skirt.
her lips where a little open and i could see that she whas wet. becouse my wife whas in the room she had to be carefull, and i had to hide my hard c*** under my hands.
after about 10 minutes she stands up and runs to the door, as i whas looking to her, she looked back to me and made a move wiith her head that i had to come.
omg, i cant o up to her when my wife is down here i tought. but anyways i did. i went upstairs and she whas standing in the bathroom with her string in her hand showing it to me. with a little smile she sayed, i see that you found my string, and she trowed it to me, thats for you becouse i seen you looking at me so many times.she said. without saying anything i walked to her, and automaticly my hand slided under her skirt toutching her wet warm p****. direcly i slided a finger between her wet lips and sticked it deep inside her tight p****.
She opened my jeans and took my hard c*** out. while i whas fingering her sweet p**** she started stroking my c***. after a while she went on her knees and took my big hard c*** deep in her mouth. she sucked on it like crazy, and i could not hold myself, i took er up, bended her forward over the sink and while her ass whas pointing at my c***, i sticked my c*** in once deep inside her real tight p****. started to f*** her deep and hard. she whas moaning more and more and after a bit i came deep inside her p****. when i pulled out my sperm whas dripping out of her p**** on her legs. she pulled her skirt down, walked down, and with a smile she told me, thanks for this.
After that we f***** many times at many places, even when my wife whas near us cooking,we went upstairs and f*****. my wife never found out.

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  • You write like a fukin r*****

  • Are you my uncle?

  • Bullshit post

  • Don't let all the negative remarks ruin your confession for I to have made passes at my uncle many of times and either he's dead down there or he's blind but persistence payed off and I won:-)

  • The comment above this one was wrote by the op

  • Must be good Living fantasy land -Dr .O

  • Yea i dream that dream too

  • Get out of here you lying f****** c***

  • Yeah this sounds more like a child written fantasy~

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