I know I'm going to get lambasted for

I know I'm going to get lambasted for this - so let me just say- I'm a woman. I hate having a female boss- none of the ones I've had could run s***. They'll hire their inbred sister rather than the most qualified person, catch an employee stealing and then let him off the hook because he CRIED- then when he steals again sit there and act like they never even knew he was capable of doing such a thing. They are catty and stupid- they can't separate their personal lives and business AND they LOVE office politics/drama way too damn much. I KNOW there are some good ones out there but I have yet to have a decent female boss that DOESN'T expect you to read her damn mind or get mad at you over 'you know what'- which you honestly DON'T. At least if a male boss tells you off, you know where you stand; I'd much rather that than having a female boss that's nice to your face and tells you how you're doing such a great job- but then schedules you for 14 hours so you'll quit because she doesn't have the b**** (no pun intended) to tell you you're fired. I'm all for women's lib and I know women do things differently than men- but s***- this is a BUSINESS 'girlfriend'-not a goddam SORORITY.

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  • ^ A "curt?"

  • I've had 2 female bosses. The first one was amazing. Worked hard , respected employee's who deserved it, and recognized good performance. Even a 'You're doing awesome, good work.' for some mundane tasks. It picks you up knowing you're appreciated, and that your role just isn't your 'job'.

    I also had a smug feeling that I was making more than the assistant manager, by way of seniority.

    My second boss was curt, nearly the point of rude. There were strict rules and woe is you if you strayed from them to perform any other helpful task when you weren't needed at that exact moment. (Cashier. I'm not allowed to walk 5 feet to help front some stock?) After I trained my way out of the cashier position, I worked my way into the store vault. Now she depended on me. I performed my new tasks just as well, but it was like I was a new person. Wasn't as rude then. wtf? I hate that.

  • AMEN! I have two female bosses and it's the worst! I can't read minds, and when I discover that a large amount of unanticipated work is required to accomplish something, they get all bent out of shape that I'm altering my work plan. Not flexible, not understanding, they play the very games they accuse me of playing (no wonder they point the fingers outward when they should just be looking at themselves).

  • I agree, to an extent. (I am a woman) I work retail, and when I was filling in for my manager while she was out, I saw a whole new side to the other women managers in the store. They would usually all gang up together on one person until they made them so miserable they would quit! They would talk s*** about their own employees, and eachother behind their backs. The worst part is that the store manager (a man), knew this, and did absolutely nothing about it. Besides I like having a man for a boss, because all you have to say is "I got my period" and you get the rest of the day off!!!!!!

  • Overall I think I've had better luck with female bosses. The men I've worked for were always playing some kind of office politics and good-old-boy bullshit, hard work didn't mean squat unless you kissed the right a**** and ran in the right circles. A couple of the women I worked for were kind of unfair but for the most part easier to work for. Though I'm a guy - maybe women would fare differently in these situations.

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