Life is short

I'm nearly 70 and I could tell the story of my life in one hour. MY grandmother lived to be 99 and it was frightening how easy it was for her to tell the story of her own life. A farmers wife who raised three daughters and two sons. Then she took care of her grandchildren. Not much anything else. Even her painless death was uneventful.

Being close to death myself and having lost every friend and several relatives to diseases and accidents I now understand that unless your a famous scientist, architech, artist, writer etc you will be forgotten almost immediately after your funeral.

Go to any cemetary and look at the abandoned graves. Thats whats in store for most people.

Feb 24, 2015

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  • When we die, all that's left is our memory. We live as long as those who remember us. What doesn't die is your influence. You've tagged your post with "daughter" and "son" and the values that you've instilled in them will be passed along to every generation they create, long after you're gone. Did you teach them to work hard? Did you teach them the importance of family? Your great, great grandchildren will maybe never know you, or even anything about you (I certainly know nothing about anyone beyond my great grandparents, even woefully little about them), but some small part of the influence you had on your children will continue in the blood of theirs.

  • I was going to write something here, but what appears above is much more accurate and eloquent. Listen ^this^ advice.

  • Wrong. You may have SOME influence over future generations, but that fades out even more quickly than the first commenter says, even the biological inherited parts.

    Kids are individuals who will have their own personalities and values. It's the height of arrogance and selfishness to ASSume that you're "immortal" because of them.

    I never knew my great-grandparents, barely knew my grandparents, and am deprogramming myself from what my parents inflicted on me. All of them are well and truly dead, as I will be when my turn comes. Your situation may differ in minor ways, but think on this: are you a helpless puppet controlled by great grandpa Elmer? If you are, seek medical assistance. If you're not, accept the fact that similarly, YOU are not going to inflict yourself on YOUR great grandkids, if you even have any. Wake up and smell the hubris, you arrogant fools!

    If you want "immortality", shoot for some life-changing contribution to society, not just your unknowable DNA. Walt Disney, the Founding Fathers, Bill Gates, and many others (not just white dudes-- settle down SJWs) are the closest humans get to immortal. Like OP said, you'll just be an abandoned grave, and maybe not even that. Get over yourselves.

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