My oldest daughter is very mean to me she wants my husband gone out of my life her step day and the father of my youngest my oldest went to live with her dad she told lies to go live their she hurt me bad over and over again I got to a point not going to get her because we are to scared of her she put her sister in er when she pushed her onto a bolt that went in her knee and other things we are so scared of her the next lie she will tell she uses words and other things against me to help me please


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  • The biggest help that you need is an English course..I have a headache just from reading that single-line crap you wrote... Yikes.

  • Stupid lying s***

  • Throw her the f*** out...I had to do that....same situation.

  • You have to deal with her anger issues. You and her father (and any other adult in her life) have to be on the same page. Your new husband doesn't get instant respect from your daughter. And all the adults need to take responsibility and accountability for their actions as to why this child is so angry and upset. Something happened to her and it hasn't been dealt with. Was it the divorce of her parents that she hasn't accepted? Was it you remarrying that she she is mad at? resentful? Is she doing drugs and drinking to cope with it? Does she have an undiagnosed mental illness? Have you gone to therapy? Is something happening at school that you are unaware of? Is she being bullied? You must deal with this situation now or you will have a very angry adult daughter who doesn't know how to deal with her feelings. You say that she has hurt you. It's pretty evident that you have hurt her. So begin the healing. Maybe where you start is that you ask her to go to lunch and do something special and begin the conversation and find out what's going on and LISTEN.

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