906 mile Mistake

I moved 906 miles to be with a girl. Somewhere in between her cheating half a dozen times and me having to lie to her family to cover up her trail, I lost most of my feelings. Now she says she is very sorry and has been desperately trying to win my trust and forgiveness. She is also very sucidal and don't know how she would react if I broke up with her. I have been acting like we are just fine. Right now I live with her family and work for her dad. Without her if have to go live with my mom. But I don't know how to tell her I don't want this without killing her. I've been acting like it's fine for awhile now...

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  • You don't owe her s*** - you should make you happy; if you don't have kids RUN MAN!

  • I invested thousands of dollars, affection and time in my ex wife only to have her tell me how much she loved another man and how much she hated my g****** family. This happens often unfortunantly.

  • Use that bitc h. You have a free pass all the time. Fuc k her and her friends behind her back. Also get her to do 3 somes and gb. She will like the idea since she is already a slu t. Plus you get to have alot more puss y.

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