I Have Been Secretly Violating My Female Coworkers For Years

I am a male and have been secretly violating some of my female coworkers for years. I have never been caught, but I keep upping the ante to get more and more sexual excite. I am afraid at some point I am going to get caught. Here are examples of what I have been doing. Sometimes I purposely stay at the office very late, or come in over the weekend, to look through the desks and offices of some of my very sexy female coworkers. My favorite is to stay late on a Friday night, discover some things, take them home to play with, and return them on Saturday. Here is a list of some of the things I have found over the years and what I’ve done because of it. Some ladies have made the mistake of leaving their very sexy high heels and pumps behind in the office. More than once I have taken them home and masturbated on and into them. I clean them up afterwards and return them to the office the next day. Many girls make the mistake of leaving tampons in their desk drawers. I have had a lot of fun with them! Sometimes I take just 1 or 2 so it does not get noticed and I take them home. I love to insert one in my ass while I m********* on the other one. Every now and then I take all of a girl’s tampons or pads hoping it will cause her to have an accident in the office for all of us to see. One time I took several tampons, carefully unwrapped them, worked the strings partially lose, and replaced them. I wanted the string to come off for this girl when she tried to remove them so she would be forced to finger herself to get it out. A couple of ladies have left a spare pair of pantyhose in their desk draw – I guess in case they got a run in theirs. Sometimes I borrow them. When I do I m********* into the crotches, clean them up, and return them exactly as they were found. A few times one of the girls has gone down to the gym in the office and left a gym bag behind. I would take them into the men’s room and look through them only to find their bras and panties. One sexy, sexy girl with gorgeous hair doesn’t know I borrowed a brush from her desk draw, took it home, inserted the handle deep into my ass while I masturbated. I have done this kind of stuff to 8 different women and they have no idea I have violated their privacy and masturbated on their property many, many times. Do any other guys out there do this sort of stuff?

Mar 2, 2015

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  • True or not, it's scary someone even thinks of these things.

  • That actually sounds really tedious and boring, really.

  • Poor man

  • It's interesting and both exciting thinking of what stimulates the human , although this interesting and gross you need some help or another way to satisfy yourself .

  • I worked with a woman who would wear black nylons and black heels all the time. After work, she would go to the gym. She changed into her work clothes in this single hole unisex bathroom.

    One night while working late, I went in to use that bathroom, and saw her black nylons in the trash. I pulled them out & smelled them. The odor of the foot part was such that I almost fainted. I sat down on the toilet and masturbated on the spot.

    I took these home and jacked off to them several more times. The smell inevitably began to fade, but luckily, the week, there was a new pair in the trash in that bathroom. And another the week after that. This went on for over two years.

    Ironically, I had a chance to f*** this woman at a sales meeting. I had her in my room, naked in my bed, and I was too drunk to get it up. Thta's what I get, I guess.

  • That's insanely hot!! Holy f***

  • Dude. Sick pos. hope you die of aids.

  • You f****** lying s***

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