Nun sexuality

I was going to Catholic school and on the playground this girl about seven was sitting on a bench with her legs wide open, underwear very visilbe. A Nun who was a teacher saw this and went over there and told the girl to sit more discretely. She then came over to me in a huff accusing me of looking at the girl.

I had not been looking at the girl what I had actually done was look a the ruckus that was going on. That's what I told the nurse. I was after 14 years old myself.

She sad well maybe your telling the truth and maybe your a liar. To that I said nothing. She asked "what exactly did you expect to see"? I told her that since I wasn't looking at the girl I was expecting to see nothing. She said I don't believe you but I'll let it go this one time.

A couple of years pass and this same Nun had me in her class after school. I had been caught talking and I was to stay over and help with some cleaning up.

She asked if I still thought of girls as "dirty" objects and I said well since I had done nothing wrong I didn't understand the question.

She asked "do you like grown girls"? I said of course. She then asked me if I masturbated because if I did it was a sin. My reply was to not reply.

She told me it was better to do the real ** act than it was to **. I asked how that was possible and she said to my surprise "well you can start by sucking my **" I asked if she was serious and she said that since thats where infants got their nourishment it was not a sin.

I said well ok. She looked outdoors and we were alone. She removed her habit and blouse and her size 40's were in clear view. They looked very inviting. I sucked first one then another while she unzipped my pants and masturbated me to **.

She said that this act when performed by a woman was not a sin because the act produced no children. I was flabberghasted.

We did mutual masturbation.

She was saving my soul I guess because this went on even during my college years.

Jan 3

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  • Top this! This happened this year!
    I'm 23 and after college, I got a job as a teaching assistant at a Catholic School. I was raise strict Protestant but they didn't care because they needed assistants.
    Since I wasn't a nun, I had to wear the adult version of their uniform.
    They gave me a catalog to order the correct plaid skirt, button up shirt, sweater, cross tie, knee socks and black loafers. I could wear professional cloths for the first week until my order arrived.
    The uniform arrived and I'm no super model by far. I am slim and 6' 2" and I plaid volleyball all my life and in college for 2 years.
    Here's the problem:
    The first time I put the silly uniform on, the skirt came right above my knee. They prefer it to cover the knee. I can't help I'm tall. yes! my fiancé LOVED the look!
    At the end of the first day I got called in. The head nun told me my outfit was racy. I told her it was what I ordered and couldn't help I'm tall. I asked if I could wear pants and she told me NO!
    She began arguing with me and I don't know why! I asked if any parents complained. I knew they didn't because I had a few dad's make nice comments, go figure!
    She finally admitted she noticing the younger nun's staring at me with ** and she can't allow that. WHAT????
    I told her 'I quit!' she called in a secretary and they out processed me and compensated me one month and for the clothing I ordered.
    I had a seamstress shorten the skirts and now they are used for bedroom fun.

  • YOu win. Your story beat mine.

  • Really?

  • Every morning when we were getting ready to go to school, my mom used to make my sister raise her dress and check she was wearing sports briefs under her dress

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