Caught jackîng off by female cop

So one night while driving home I was alone in my car and an hour away from home and I got h**** so I decided to pull over and Jack it off all was going good I had my pants to my ankles dîck out and I was jàcking off up until I heard a *knock knock knock* on my window I froze my dîck was still throbbing I turned looked and there was a cop with her flashlight on my d***

I asked "what's wrong?"

She said "put your little fella away and come with me"

Still hard I pull my pants and slowly follow her to her car thanks god she didn't write me up just gave a lecture and said

"Don't let it happen again"

She was kinda hot so when I got home I jàcked off thinking about her seeing my dîck and blew a massive load all over

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  • Lmao bullshit

  • Bullshit

  • Lying f****** s*** get the f*** out if you f****** cunting f***

  • I don't believe it. You would have been arrested.

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