Six 11 year olds seen me naked

I'm 16 and my step sister is 11 and I had just got out of the shower and walked into my room to get changed and I thought they were down stairs playing or something so I didn't close my door well they came upstairs to ask me to take them somewhere and as they walked into my room I didn't hear them boom I dropped my towel and they seen everything I had to offer I dont know what's worse six 11 year olds seeing me naked or the fact that my whole school thinks I purposely flashed six 11 year olds

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  • Yo closet pedo you. haha, don't worry they probably enjoyed it or was embarrassed more then you. it happens that is life dude.

  • 11yo's don't care.

  • Quit dropping the towel. Lock the door so they can't get in and before you shower tell your sister what your doing so she'll stay way.

    I hope you didn't enjoy it.

  • Most of those kids have brothers and fathers and they haveseen it before. Worst case you keep dropping your towel and get a reputation and best case some of those girls crush on you and you get a few dates when your in the mid 20's. My guess in a few days it blows over and everyone forgets

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