I really love the taste of blood. Like if I get hurt and there's blood I will just drink it. Does anyone else like the taste of blood?

Mar 5, 2015

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  • I have this habit of picking scabs...I do the same... >.<

  • There is nothing much to worry about, as long as you know when things go too far. I have the same fetish, although I like the texture of it more than the taste.(I do still drink it though) You don't need to see a doctor for this, as I haven't and am a normal person. I've never harmed anyone without consent, so as long as you know your fetish well enough there is no need for a doctor, although only you can really know if there is a problem.( The problem being, if you couldn't tell, is what you are willing to do to get the blood needed to get off) For me, I will cut my fingers, 2 per 'session', and make a cut at my hairline. I'll get as much blood as I can, which is usually about 3 tablespoons. I would suggest you find a way to explore your fetish safely, as knowing exactly what turns you on is muy importante, especially with this fetish that can easily and quickly become a murder or serious injury. Also, think before you act. Have your partner be blood tested before any blood play. Remember that if you know what you are doing and find a consenting partner, this can be just a fun and safe fetish. Just be careful. Hope this helped

  • Suffering from what?

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