Things i have found out since turning 18.

1. You can't love some someone who you know nearly nothing about but you can love someone you have never met. 2.It is better to go to bed early.
3. Don't date someone because "you're bored so why not". 4.Beer is actually gross. It is wheat spit.
5. Being a dad can make a man sexier.
6.There is a point in which you can become bored and exhausted if you do too much of something you love.
7.Don't have s** on school property.

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  • Stupid f****** c***

  • Beer is grain broken down by yeast. Its not spit at all. You have to develope a taste for it. 1. is wrong. 2. is right. 3. is right. 5. is right. 6. is right 7. is right. Six out of seven is good. You are definitely learning.

  • Grow up

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