Cannot help it

I'll post this under embarrassing cause it is, I'm ashamed. I'm a happily married man with a sexy wife an a healthy s** life. We talk quite kinky and do naughty dares and such. I can tell her everything.
One day we pulled into a fast food joint and as we pulled in an oldan with two young girls (10ish) get out of a car and one of the girls stretches and she is wearing really inappropriate shorts for a child, my wife remarked how could anyone let their daughter where them and I thought to myself idk but omg thank god she is wearing them, what a hot little round butt. I couldn't help but stare. That night as I was having s** with my wife I told her how I felt about the girl, I was nervous to tell her but it makes my o****** so much better and to my surprise she started riding so hard. She did not say anything but it is quite obvious she liked the idea of me spanking my hard c*** on that cute lil blondes ass. My wife has several young nieces and she treats me like a god. She would do anything for me including letting me enjoy any or all nieces. I don't want to but the urge is getting stronger all the time. I'm extremely hard now tbh. That is all.

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  • I hope that both you and your wife rot in prison. As a 14yr old girl, I find it very offensive that you could 'Emily's one or all of her family. It's disgusting. Your a pervert

  • Most of these commentors need to relax. Are they just on here to read and judge people because they are different?

    You can't help what attracts you but it sounds great that your wife can at least accept you even if neither of you actually want to cross that line. Perhaps it's time to rollplay so you don't have to bring in other people.

  • Years ago when I was in high school our student consellor was molesting boys. I just found other day that his wife was a counselor at a nearby girls only school and was molesting girls from that school. So it does happen

  • You're wife is a sick f****** b****! You both need to be locked up! Hope you both die!!

  • I
    Hope you go to jail and your a****** is rung out!!!

  • Sick f***! I would
    Light your D*** on fire and laugh as you burned!

  • Don't allow you and your wife to end up in jail forever

  • DITTO!

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