So I'm in highschool and every year I have to get a physical in order to play sports and I have a female doctor in her middle to late 30s who does my exam and because she is a girl there has to be another person in the room well this year it my doctors student who she is training and this is a girl probably 21-22 years old in there with us and I always get erect when she does the part where she checks my b**** so when she said "okay pull them down" I hesitated to do so and when I did I pulled them down to my knees then my doctor asked the nurse if she had ever done this part of the exam before and when the nurse said know my doctor asked me if I was alright with her doing it and I was so the doctor asked her student to get down by her and put her hand on my b**** and position her hand where it needed to be so now I'm rock hard and there are 2 fairly attractive women In front of me with their hands on my d*** and I was leaking Pre c** the worst part was is that after the exam I heard them laughing about how hard I was and that it was small

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  • I have that dream too

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