I come home from work yesterday freshly remarried at 43 an very happy my new husbands stepson was staying with us for a brief time I go in making my way upstairs to the bedroom I undressed to my panties an thigh highs an garter my breast 40 dd swayed my nipples erect from the chill I'm the house I go by stepsons room his door cracked I noticed him laying on bed napping an surprisingly nude his enormous manhood lay there I gasped an also amazed his size bigger than his farthers . I walked away an returned to our room quietly it lay on bed an pic it thinking omg his size an I rubbed my self t*** first then c*** in my thick covered lips for my 240 pound ample size would never interest him I knew but yet I still thought of it so after several self aroused orgasams my p**** soaked I couldn't help it any longer I went back finding him awake I walked by he saw me an he saw all if me as I went to the hall closet he stepped into hall confronting me acting embarrassed an surprised he spoke hello sorry I told him no it's okay I'm sorry after twenty minutes of akwardeness I spoke an bluntly asked him was this gonna be a problem he replied smiling no I nervously confronted him of wat I saw of him he smiled it's okay I started to walk away he grabbed me said you know we can actually stop all this if your interested an I smiled agreeing we started him letting me suck his younger pole then it turned to him pounding my big ass all over the house an yet after three hours he ended wit a generous supply of love juice on my t***

Mar 13, 2015

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  • Did you ever hear of something called a PERIOD?

  • Pardon, but your husband's stepson is YOUR SON.

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