Sitting on bare bellies

I have always loved sitting on a girls bare belly. I started as a very young child, sitting on my next door neighbor. I would go over to her house and we would go in her bedroom. She would lie on the bed with her knees down. I would lift her shirt up an slowly sit on her bare tummy. I would wiggle and scoot around until I found the warmest, softest spot. Then I would sit and we would talk. We did this for years.

I also remember sitting on my babysitters. They would lie down and I'd lift their shirts up and sit on their soft warm bellies. One of them had a skirt on once and it came undone. She just layed there with her knees down, arms back and skirt undone while I sat on her and went up and down on her.

I especially like it when their knees are down because their pelvis makes it feel like a warm soft saddle

Mar 13, 2015

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  • Your mind is like your mother's c*** ,f*** your mind .

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  • I love sitting on a woman's bare belly, and I do it a lot. Email me at

  • How often do you sit on someone? Tell me about it

  • I don't blame those twins for that. I would do the same given the chance, lol.

  • Your mother's c***

  • Now I know why the twins I baby sit for are always wanting to sit on my bare belly. Cept they always seem to go a bit further and wanting to play with my b****** and rub themselves against my pelvic.

  • Do you let them sit on your bare belly? How old are they?

  • I also like sitting on girls bellies. I was about 12 when I first sat on top of a girl. Her name was Jackie and she was three years older than me. I remember her looking up at me and giggling, saying she could feel me getting hard. I'm 55 now and would like to recapture those days. I just need a willing woman who is happy to help me out.

  • You are not a man and you have a c*** .

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  • You're a foolish little boy/girl

  • How girls can bear a man's weight on her stomach? isn't it harmful?

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