Day dreaming

All thru high school in class I would get a massive bonner looking at all the hot babes in class and the only way I could get rid of it was to c**. One time I was thinking I wish my c*** could grow into a snake like creature go across the floor up the chair leg and f*** the h*** out of the girl sitting there and it got so real in my head I'd c** in my shorts then I smelt the smell of s** creeping out of my clothing and I tried to hide it and I thought to myself if I smell it does anyone else? This happened like four times a day and in History class I sat to one of the cheer leaders and we hardly ever spoke to each other then it happened again my head had thought about f****** her and I got a hard bonner in my pants and if she looked over surely she could see and I tried to ignore my thoughts but couldn't and it happened I started in thinking about my c*** going into her p**** sitting there I know she wouldn't say anything for she wouldn't want to cause embarrassment to herself so she sat there letting me f*** her and then I c** in my shorts again and my c*** didn't go down and I started in squirming and she looked over and I could see her eyes looking right at my c*** and she smiled and I saw her toung stick out a bit and I c** again and then my c*** shrank down thank god. I was so embarrassed I hung my head down a bit and then the bell rang and I sat there I didn't want to look her in her eyes and everyone started going she got up and I couldn't believe it she put her hand on my shoulder kissed my head and said thanks. Wow did she know I thought.
Later we had lunch together and she confessed to me she saw me with my eyes closed and I was hard and I was pushing my c*** forward like I was f****** someone and I told her I was thinking of you and we met after school and I went to her house and this time it wasn't a day dream.

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  • Im a bit too old now to be sitting in a classroom, but if i was and your c*** could grow into a snake like creature and go across the floor, then up the chair leg and f*** the h*** out of the girl sitting there then you can sit behind me everyday!!!

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