First MMF

As a kid I spent a lot of time getting into trouble with the local police. It got to the point that the captain new me by first name, whom my mom was and where I went to school. At 16 I had enough trouble to write a book.
I also was a good mechanic and knew how to fix Harley's learning from my uncles. In the summer I would work at my uncle's bike shop to make some spending money. The captain along with others were customers so they started to give me more breaks.
One day on a hot summer night the captain stopped by and asked my uncle if he had anyone to take a look at his bike, it was not starting, and he was going on a run on the weekend. Since all the mechanics were gone, I volunteered to go and take a look, but I did not have a ride back to my house. No problems the captain said I'll drive you back.
We got to his house, and I was blown away how nice of a home he had. In the garage was his bike along a late model Corvette. I made my way to the bike and started to diagnose the issue. Captain said I'll be in the back yard get me if you need me. After 45 minutes I figured out that it was a bad solenoid and walked to the backyard. I saw this woman in her 40's with a skimpy bathing suit taking a swim. It must be the captain's wife I figured. I asked he where he was, and she said he'll be right back. I waited and could not keep my eyes off her. I must have been staring like a zombie that I did not hear captain coming over. Hey, isn't she hot he said, I nodded and caught myself! I mean she is a beautiful woman I said. He laughed and asked if I had found the problem. Yes, solenoid! drive me to the shop, and I can get one to get you going. as we were leaving, he said honey I'll be right back thrown some burgers on the grill we'll eat once the bike is fixed. You'll stay for dinner he said, sure I said. We got back and had the bike running in 30 minutes. Let's go eat he said but why don't we jump in the pool and cool off. I did not have a bathing suit, so he offered one. His wife was back on the lounge chair as we entered the pool. The bathing suit was a little big on me, so it kept falling down. Captain offered me a beer, I was hesitant, but he said don't worry know the guy who runs the police department. After a few beers I was feeling happy and getting hard looking at his wife. Let's play a game he said, lets dive and see who can hold their breath while taking a drink of beer. He won so he said to his wife Ok take off your top, and she obliged. I was mesmerized by her beautiful t*** and felt my b****. Ok so he said let's swim under and see if we can go in between the legs 3 times. His wife was first and dove and as she passed under my legs, her hand felt my b****. At first, I thought it was an accident but when it happened the second time, I was sure it was on purpose. Captain won again and said OK take off your trunks. I was really buzzed and agreed, my h****** floated in the pool and we laughed about it. Captain kept winning so he asked his wife to remove her bikini bottom. She obliged and I was mesmerized by her shaved p****. Ok let's eat he said, and we got out of the pool, you don't mind if I stay naked, she asked, and I was like oh no. The drinks kept on coming and before I knew the weed came out. we sat around the pool area drinking and smoking. His wife asked me if I had a girlfriend? no I said we broke up, why she asked? did she not put out? ha I said how did you know. How cruel she said, looking at my c***, guys like you probably need s** a lot with all that energy. Yes, I said, captain looked at me and said why don't you j*** off right now, look at my wife and imagine that she's your girlfriend. I hesitated but the weed and beer gave me courage. I spit on my hand and begin to m*********, honey dance for us captain said, and his wife got up and started to give him a lap dance. My c*** was fully erect, and captain said don't leave the kid just sitting there, she came over and began to give me a lap dance. I could feel her p**** lips rubbing against my c***; boy this was awesome. I looked over and captain had taken his c*** out and was jerking off. he got up and came over to her while she was lapping me, he stuck his c*** in front of her face, she began to suck his c*** and while sitting on my lap her p**** was all wet. Captain grabbed her and turned her around and began to f*** her from behind. His wife was moaning, and I was just starring at them. come over she said, I stepped in front of her, and she began kissing my side and eventually took my c*** in her mouth. wow this was awesome her, she sucked better than any other girl that I had. Captain than turned her on her back and was f****** her, I did not know what to do but she pulled me over and began to suck my c*** again. I was touching her t*** and getting sucked. Captain pulled out and shot his load on her stomach. He then said your turn, and I moved to her p**** she moaned as I entered her. I began to pump like a jack rabbit, and she seemed to enjoy. Captain ordered me to pull out and come on her face, I obliged shooting a huge load all over her. What an evening, rested a bit and f***** her once more as captain watched and directed me to f*** his wife. Captain drove me home around 1 am and when mom came out, she asked if I was in trouble? Captain said no but I think he should spend some time with us to make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble. Needless to say, I was 16 and f****** the captain's wife two to three times per week.

Jan 11

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