Gay experience

I'll keep it short. I was staying with my best friend for a weekend in Maine. There had always been what felt like sexual tension between us. Well that certainly came to a head when we went to change and shower together. I could stop myself from wanting to see him naked. His tight ass and smooth body totally overwhelmed me and i turned to take a quick glance only to cath him doing the same. We were bpth a bit shy about it but soon he just flat out told me to show him my c***. We each agreed we'd show together and when he noticed my long thick c*** he started to get hard which got me hard an before we reallt knew what was happening our toungues were wrestling in each others mouths. He knelt down and started sucking my c*** and it was literally the most incredible experience, he kept telling me how long he had wanted this and finally I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my c*** out of his mouth lifted him and f***** his ass till he was c****** all over himself and me. I stuffed myself deep inside him and finished with him wrapped around me his little c*** still rock hard while i pulled out of him. I never f***** a man again sonce this incident but i would love to f*** him again. I often fantasize about him while f****** my now girlfriend. I would gape his ass any day.

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  • I took a shower with a friend, first time showering with another guy since high school gym. I started to get hard, and then so did he. I looked at his member, then his eyes, then on an impulse I got on my knees and started blowing him. He didn't say anything, so I kept on until he exploded in my mouth. Hot, and surprisingly sweet.

    I stood up, and he didn't say anything, he just got on his knees and returned the favor.

    It's funny, but neither one of us has ever said anything about this later, but I often think about it when I pleasure myself.

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