All white people are evil and they ruin your life! They all think of their own gain, they steal your ideas and use it for their own gain! I have a hideous beauty spot on my thigh that white people remark as unattractive. White people can eat their own Sh*t and die!Especially white people with brown sh*t eyes. I hate them even more, they are like a disease waiting to destroy you. Long live the people that are not white!



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  • Yawn, another racist. Well, keep crying. Your Section 8, dead-end loser tears are delicious!

  • Hideous beauty?


  • That's it repost the n***** handle guide

  • The feelings neutral whites hate you too

  • I think perhaps the word you were searching for was "mutual".

  • I bet all of the cursing ones are the same person. But in all reality a lot of people are screwed up but it is not all whites or blacks or women or men. We all have a bit of evilishness in all of us

  • Your right it's not white or blacks just blacks f****** s*** skins

  • Wow, you guys really don't like him/her do you? Well I've got to agree with some of the stuff the guy said, even tho I'm white. We do steal ideas,we do hate differences. But not all are evil, you do get some good guy thrown in there some where. To the guy who wrote the last but one, god I hate you. No one is superior to anyone else. No race or religion. The how to guide, I hope your just joking round. By the way freeing them was the best idea ever.

  • oh f****** christ......I have so totally had with all these n******!!!!!!

  • Let me just say: white people hat you, too.

  • I bet white workers pay for you're malt liquor. Nigggggggggggerrrrrrrr*****

  • N**** n**** n****

  • I'm white and I wish this would happen. The complete separation of the races with the races being placed on worlds exactly like earth. The black races would revert to savagery while the aisans and whites would thrive. Whites are superior in every way to the black races.

  • Revert to savages...you need on history lesson on the European race idiot...lol

  • Agreed....wholeheartedly...

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