I Hate Blue Eyed People

I put a hex on blue eyed people, so that they are wiped off the surface of the planet. Blue eyed people are evil, they get wrinkles really fast and lack in developing physically. They set out to destroy other people's lives for their own material gain. They are unhappy when a brown eyed person rises above them!I wish the whole world became brown eyed, so there would be world peace! Amen to that!

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  • Wow dude chill out. Actually I wouldn't be suprised that you have a blue eyes. I've seen that blue eyed persons are bullied more then other. Of course I can already tell you are racist. No one chose those eyes to be born with. Or you are just troll seeking for attention.

  • I want to treat your b******** right!

  • You're just going to categorize millions of people into one thing? Undoubtedly this is a grudge you're holding on someone with blue eyes. Calm your whiz.

  • Wtf?! I know it's dumb to be offended but come on dude. My entire family has blue eyes. We aren't evil, I haven't killed anyone, nothing. Y'all just jealous. It doesn't matter what eye color you are.

  • Jealousy is a b**** haha

  • Jesus Christ get a new saying. Jealous jealous jealous. Is all you people can say

  • Jealous of what exactly you pathetic c***. Don't you people have another saying other than jealous Haha

  • I call them locust cause they just think they angels but they more like insects that make bad everything good, assyrian slavic slaves i hope they kill themselves ww2 didnt let them self destruct enough or somthing

  • You dead on there a race of the devil or somthing i hope they get wiped off planet as well and im white brown eyed they are just the worst racist pos that exist and im not sure why God made them other then to p*** bad people off and let them get wiped out in front of the good, noah must have been laughing if they were evil like these fkers are

  • You are a ducking b****. No doubt. I'm blue eyed. Judging someone based on their eye color is s*****. Unless you're joking then well played.


  • Im blue eyed, I'm not mean, i don't look down on my classmates. Sure i make fun and tease, but its not like i hate them. Im on the football team as a linebacker, I'm not out of shape or any thing. Im sorry bud that you might have had a bad time, but no reason to hate an entire type of people. I hope you change your views. not everyone is the same.

  • Mine are deep blue, I hurt no one, and desire to hurt no one. My wife is brown eyed (HISPANIC from South America) I am a high school teacher, that, I believe is a giving, nurturing profession that uplifts people. Blanket statements like that are what is evil, not the blue eyed people. Do you have any idea how hurtful things like that are? It's you who are hurting us all with your vitriolic, ridiculous statements. Nobody gets with their parents before they are born, and asks to have blue eys, or to be white, or black or whatever. I don't wish you any bad things, even though you are very wrong, and bigoted, and ignorant. I hope you find peace, and truth, that we are all mortal, and are all individuals, not deserving labels. Your statements are like someone says g that "all black people are stupid, and lazy" when you know that is not the case.......damn I hate blanket catagorizations, anyway...have a nice life..

  • What a stupid thing to say and I have deep dark brown eyes.

  • Jealous of what exactly you pathetic c***. Don't you people have another saying other than jealous?

  • Sound like a jealous c***

  • Jealous of what exactly you pathetic c***. Don't you people have another saying other than jealous

  • You just replied to multiple people using the same sentence, and then go around b******* about calling someone jealous? are you retarded?

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