I Hate Blue Eyed People

I put a hex on blue eyed people, so that they are wiped off the surface of the planet. Blue eyed people are evil, they get wrinkles really fast and lack in developing physically. They set out to destroy other people's lives for their own material gain. They are unhappy when a brown eyed person rises above them!I wish the whole world became brown eyed, so there would be world peace! Amen to that!



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  • Mentally Ill f****** idiot

  • Blue eyed people do tend to be insanely narcissistic and evil. Most problems continually boils down to them f****** with s***. They are a minority and it offends them so they constantly try and manipulate things so they can get ahead. Ultimately they are scared, they know they are dying and going extinct so they do whatever evil s*** they can to try and maintain power. The men get salty because the women prefer brown men with bigger d**** and stronger backs.

    They will mostly be extinct within a couple hundred years, so their villainy and evil will be ending soon. They were only on Earth a couple thousand years, but in that short time they f***** s*** up hard. No one is going to miss them.

    Also if you don't believe me most evil events lead back to some Aryan. Who gave the terrorists guns and destabilized their countries???? Aryans.

    Who started the WWs? Aryans. Who took slaves? Aryans. Who tried to conquer the world? Aryans. Who lives in excess and greed? Aryans.

    Literally they are a f****** plague on this planet and need to f****** die. Luckily they are weak and every time they try to start their s*** we p*** on them and beat them back into submission. They will plague the world no longer.

  • 😂 😂 Wow what a load of crap. Do you think we have a choice for our eye colour and everyone with blue eyes are not racist or Aryan. And Aryan weren't the first to introduce salves it was Arba slave trade and world war one was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the other countries just joined in and there was war in war stricken countries before any colonization of any country. Read your history books before you start dissing people we all meant to be equal right now you are trying to make yourself superior to blue eyes you're just a hypocrite.

  • Totally agree. THanks for speaking my heart

  • AMEN!!!

  • Blue eyed people have every right to feel superior. Brown eyes are the same color as poo. Think of that song, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"... Brown contact lenses don't really sell do they, because why would anybody want to change blue or green to ugly brown. Nobody wants brown eyes, they're boring and just look dark, creepy and common. Blue eyes look beautiful and pure. I wish I had blue or green eyes. Instead my eyes are the colour of t***! T***!!

  • Eat my c*** p****

  • What color eyes do most terrorists have? And, I do believe the mugshots of those responsible for the carnage on 9-11 had brown eyes as well. I know for a fact that all the people caught and charged with breaking and entering in the town over from me had brown eyes.......very brown eyes. So, keep your brown eyes.

  • Why would you hate people that had no control of being born a certain way? If anything, blame society. Fact is blue eyes is rare and beautiful and in many cultures, linked with royalty (blue blood). Some cultures do however associate blue eyes with casting curses such as turkey and greece (evil eye). Again, why hate someone because of something they happen to be born with? Im black and have black eyes but am secure enough to appreciate beauty whatever form it takes in this world. Blue eyes are an attractive trait.

  • Stfu f*****

  • Blame society. blame the parents. they had them

  • Me neither I don’t like people with blue eyes is just not fair for me that women who have blue eyes are prettier than brown eyes and is not true we are beautiful just the way we are and blue eyes or not it doesn’t matter.Beauty is inside are heart we don’t have to show are beauty you are beautiful they way you are to because it doesn’t matter if you have blue eyes.

  • Hmm, this confession was posted over 4 years ago and my life has never been better. So tell us, OP: how much does it suck to be bitter, stupid, AND ineffective? LOL

  • I agree, ive only had TERRIBLE experiences with blue eyed people. I have a high IQ and have brown eyes, it seem to me that blue eyed people only like other blue eyed people, and will be volatile and hostile. I am 28 and every year more and more experiences confirm this, they seem to hate anyone who doesn't look exactly like them. I say f*** them all, should I start treating them how they treat me? their hate is infecting the world I say kill um all.

  • Can i say im blue eyed and ive never acted hostile to anyone unless they have been a threat to me or people i care about

  • Right these brown eyed people over here are making assumptions about us smh. I've also never acted hostile towards anyone just because they have brown eyes. All I sense is jealousy and resentment. Like we can control our eye colors?!? Yeah fewer of us have blue eyes but thats all the more reason to admire us😊 and appreciate the blue eyed people of our world. Also, our eye colors aren't boring. There are many shades of blue and our shades can change too. You brown eyed people act like you're the pure ones lmao

  • What??? your insane some people with blue eyes are nice not every blue eyed person is like that and that hurts other peoples feelings what if you had blue eyes and you were nice but everyone blamed you just because you have blue eyes think about that you monster!!!

  • YESSS I AGREE but i mean bright blue eyes im a blue eyes person i have steel blue eyes with a gold ring (seriously look it up) and my eyes a dark compared to all the pictures youll see on the web but ive been with many bright blue eyed men and have had a few bright blue eyed women as friends and i was always screwed over without any recognition on their part. But hey im Hitler atleast that what they say(ik it litteraly does not make sence) to me or im jealous, but on the contrary ive just had bad experiences with them. And seeing as i am a blue eyed bearer i feel i have a right to speak out against those light and bright blue eyed demons that come in f*** s*** up and leave just as fast as they came. Oh and to those of you racist fukkers every single one of us has ancestors that have had or been slaves it been in human culture for decades and white people arnt the root so f** off humans all suck equally and everyone needs to stop blaming eachother and blame themselves

  • I came to see if anyone hated me and honestly same. blue eyed people are self loving, but way too much, they take pride in a f****** color. like idrc that my eyes are blue it just makes me look even whiter and then im called a haole at school lmao. brown eyes are so damn pretty, it’s like looking into a pool of melted copper, god they’re beautiful. blue eyes are legit bullshit and people just get self centered over them. blue eyes may be kinda pretty but they’re overrated. i as a blue eyed person think we’re all bullshit. i don’t pride myself in them i just scoff at other people who take pride in them. like nobody gives a s*** about your eye color so 👌 f*** off wooo

  • Thats not true your just jealous

  • I disagree, self love is almost cultural. I give a s*** btw, blue eyed people are trash, they hate anyone who is different from them. please kill your self ASAP! your parents would be better off and happier!!! so will the whole world!!!!

  • What makes it right to tell us to kill ourselves JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE BLUE EYES?!?! How pathetic. How would you feel if someone told you to kill yourself just because of a color?

  • That not true what if you had blue eyes and you were so inocent your insane and racist that is very offencive what if i said that to you j*** think about that brown is the color of poo.

  • Epic #lolxddd
    I’m brown eyed and find blue eyes very unattractive

  • What jealous brown the color of poo.

  • It also what are you eating

  • Give a few year dumbass lol you must not have had any life experiences yet.

  • Jealous.

  • Gay

  • Blue eyed people are self-loving p*****. They have an sense of superiority, like they are special just because the colour of their eyes. Eliminate them all from earth. Make the slaves of brown eyed people. F****** Nazis all of them. On two occasions I have heard blue eyed people say they dont like people with brown eyes... they are lucky I didn't f****** murder them right then and there. Blue eyes are less dominant gene... how the f*** can they think they are superior then? The are evil.

  • You completely a idiot if i could id gut you with a glee smile on my face and watch as your blood drips from your body

  • I have blue eyes and Im not evil your insane and you lost your mind not every blue eyed person is evil thats just nonsense!!!

  • You are all sick. So I guess brown eyed people are insane.

  • Death to blue eyed people

  • You lost your mind your insane not every blue eyed person is evil and i have blue eyes thats just racist your insane!!!

  • What did blue eyed people do? Everyone acts differently. This is stupid. Brown eyed, hazel, green, and even blue and more shades of eye colours are all beautiful.

  • What did blue eyed people do?

    Oh I don't know they tried to kill off "jews" so they could hoard everything, they killed the Native Americans, they enslaved the blacks, they do s*** like KKK, White Aryan Resistance, they are constantly on sites like 4chan boasting their "superiority" meanwhile they are literally going extinct. They basically do what ever they can to f*** every one else over for their own gain. Most Aryans are lazy and don't do any work. Most blue eyed people I have worked with NEVER work, they just talk and talk and talk. They are just a trash people really. They are these pale disgusting animals, that are trying to take over the world. Once they finally go extinct the world will be WAY better for everyone.

  • How the f*** is it racist? Blue eyes are not limited to whites.

  • 99.9% of people with colored eyes are white.

  • Ummm... van I just say, that's extremely racist. anyone can be mean, or nice. Suck it up because contacts exist! if you want blue eyes, then get contacts, don't just be jealous!

  • I agree because i have blue eyes and i do not think Im evil there just jealous.

  • That's silly. No one desires having blue eyes otherthan low class white trash, stop being so delusional.

  • Many people desire blue eyes. I personally don’t but white people, black people, latinos, Asians, the list goes on, desire light eyes. They are seen as more attractive than brown eyes which most of the world have.
    Don’t be jealous. That’s what they want. Be happy with your eyes but also accept the fact that lighter eyes are considered more beautiful and are wanted by many.

  • For the record, genetic and behavioural evidence has recently shown that blue eyes are strongly related to compassion, depression, and pre planning. I love how people can be so focused on themselves. Like, just because your race was losing the terrible f'ing game that pretty much everyone in the world quit last century, blue-eyed devils were the only slave owners ever. READ A BOOK! The word 'slave' is derived from the Roman word 'slav'. Like, ya' know, the name that still sticks with the Russians. A bunch of brown-eyed mediterranians spending half their time feeding northerners to lions. Sounds like an assiduously blue-eyed thing to do, by your standards...

    Funny, and bunch of net trolls who can't spell or defend their positions are rascists. Poor and uneducated, just like the rednecks. I disagree with the others in not wishing your harm. I've been beat, stabbed, and stolen from for my color. I HATE rascists, especially ones that have been hiding behind civil rights movements for their chance to spout acidic, bigotted bull. I hope you suffer greatly, that your progeny are deformed, and that your name and legacy pale from collective memory.

  • I agree with almost everything you said. I hate racists and slave owners etc. but not all evil people are blue-eyed. Yes, most slave owners were blue-eyed but what about eastern terrorists and murderers? People from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. are almost all brown-eyed and have been known for blowing each other’s heads off and for murdering, massacres, terrorist attacks and more. Soo many people are terrible, but not all are blue-eyed.

  • Um...didn't poc have slaves too? And have you ever heard of the Barbary slave trade???

  • Yes, I have blue eyes and It doesn't depend on the eye color you have, for example, Bill Gates has blue eyes and he's a great person donates to charity and ya. But then there's Hitler he has blue eyes and was a horrible person. I hope this makes you see that eyes don't mater and don't have hate on blue eyed people were not all bad people same with brown eyed people its a fact, Also is that people born with brown eyes have more melanin than blue and green eyed people. So that proves you to have no hate on any eye color. Hope this helps

    from an 12 year old girl (edit)

  • Hitler also thought people with blue eyes were perfect

  • Osama Bin Laden (brown eyed) also believed that everyone that doesn’t live up to eastern standards (incl. brown eyes) deserves to die.

  • Yes, I have blue eyes and It doesn't depend on the eye color you have, for example, Bill Gates has blue eyes and he's a great person donates to charity and ya. But then there's Hitler he has blue eyes and was a horrible person. I hope this makes you see that eyes don't mater and don't have hate on blue eyed people were not all people same with brown eyed people its a fact, Also is that people born with brown eyes have more melanin than blue and green eyed people. So that proves you to have no hate on any eye color. Hope this helps

    from an 12 year old girl


  • Your just jealous do not hate on blue eyed people your insane your racist i have blue eyes and for a fact they are not super boring they are one of the rarest eye color.

  • Jealous much?

  • I must be the definition of evil >:) blue eyes and red hair. Dont worry though ill gladly take your soul therefore you wont have this soul clenching pain of the color blue.You know what, maybe I should just dig my nails into your eye sockets and relieve you from the burden of the hardships of the color blue.

  • Same but my hair isn’t natural 🤫

  • Sicko.

  • Wow it is the same thing like you saying you haye people with yellow skin or red skin or brown skin.... Who cares what color? Again more hate. Smh

  • All blue eyed people are racist bigots. They think they're better than anyone else. They should be exterminated off this planet.

  • Thats not true your insane and racist not all blue eyed people are evil you phycho.

  • Evil person. Sorry you have brown eyes?

  • What? I never judge anyone, Everyone is Beautiful. I know people who are asian, black and so on...Smh

  • Shut up libtard

  • Shut up retarded republican.

  • That's like saying "wet water" lol.

  • Agreed blue eyes are genetically weak an inferior, primarily because of their watered down genes. All blue eyed people can be traced back to a single man genetically aka all related closer than any other eye color. So yes, there is something inherently different and unpleasant about blue eyes. I have hazel, the least known about color, and find brown to be so much more attractive than blue. Im actually repulsed by blue eyes, but not to the point of wipng them out just not having s** with them

  • Actually genetically speaking blue eyed people are smarter and have more pain tolerance and plus to are instincts being stronger being said by science says we are superior

  • Wow dude chill out. Actually I wouldn't be suprised that you have a blue eyes. I've seen that blue eyed persons are bullied more then other. Of course I can already tell you are racist. No one chose those eyes to be born with. Or you are just troll seeking for attention.

  • Try the ones has blue eyes are evil... they are ! that person bashed / removed me from facebook that I didnt do anything wrong... so f*** off with blue eyes.

  • I want to treat your b******** right!

  • You're just going to categorize millions of people into one thing? Undoubtedly this is a grudge you're holding on someone with blue eyes. Calm your whiz.

  • Wtf?! I know it's dumb to be offended but come on dude. My entire family has blue eyes. We aren't evil, I haven't killed anyone, nothing. Y'all just jealous. It doesn't matter what eye color you are.

  • Oh wait, its true, you think you are superior

  • Jealous? excuse me who do you think you are

  • Jealousy is a b**** haha

  • Jesus Christ get a new saying. Jealous jealous jealous. Is all you people can say

  • Jealous of what exactly you pathetic c***. Don't you people have another saying other than jealous Haha

  • Drink my curd f*****

  • I call them locust cause they just think they angels but they more like insects that make bad everything good, assyrian slavic slaves i hope they kill themselves ww2 didnt let them self destruct enough or somthing

  • You dead on there a race of the devil or somthing i hope they get wiped off planet as well and im white brown eyed they are just the worst racist pos that exist and im not sure why God made them other then to p*** bad people off and let them get wiped out in front of the good, noah must have been laughing if they were evil like these fkers are

  • You are a ducking b****. No doubt. I'm blue eyed. Judging someone based on their eye color is s*****. Unless you're joking then well played.

  • And yet no one cares, f*** yourself


  • Im blue eyed, I'm not mean, i don't look down on my classmates. Sure i make fun and tease, but its not like i hate them. Im on the football team as a linebacker, I'm not out of shape or any thing. Im sorry bud that you might have had a bad time, but no reason to hate an entire type of people. I hope you change your views. not everyone is the same.

  • I agreed with that dude... stay away from me. I have brown eyes..

  • Shut up you racist

  • Mine are deep blue, I hurt no one, and desire to hurt no one. My wife is brown eyed (HISPANIC from South America) I am a high school teacher, that, I believe is a giving, nurturing profession that uplifts people. Blanket statements like that are what is evil, not the blue eyed people. Do you have any idea how hurtful things like that are? It's you who are hurting us all with your vitriolic, ridiculous statements. Nobody gets with their parents before they are born, and asks to have blue eys, or to be white, or black or whatever. I don't wish you any bad things, even though you are very wrong, and bigoted, and ignorant. I hope you find peace, and truth, that we are all mortal, and are all individuals, not deserving labels. Your statements are like someone says g that "all black people are stupid, and lazy" when you know that is not the case.......damn I hate blanket catagorizations, anyway...have a nice life..

  • What a stupid thing to say and I have deep dark brown eyes.

  • Deep dark brown eyes almost black.. be careful... blue and black are relatively close.... just be your own guard when you meet people with any colors but look at thier heart thats all matters .. i look at thier actions ....

  • Jealous of what exactly you pathetic c***. Don't you people have another saying other than jealous?

  • Sound like a jealous c***

  • Jealous of what exactly you pathetic c***. Don't you people have another saying other than jealous

  • You just replied to multiple people using the same sentence, and then go around b******* about calling someone jealous? are you retarded?

  • They are not retarded, they are expressing their opinion

  • Blue eyed people are the real creators of holiness and all humanity’s achievements we are constantly battling against dity humans who name everyone racist whilst being yeh most racist of them all. The thing you unevolved humans don’t realise is that blue eyed people secretly run the word and we are given perks for our good morlals and your hateful type are given nothing but our guidance in trying to help you evolve....

  • The most successful countries in the world are where blue eyed people live. Africa is one big very unsuccessful begging continent where poverty, disease, murder and corruption is rife and the majority have brown eyes. South America, not much different (Poor!) Latin America (Poor!), Asia (Poor!), Southern Europe (Brown Eyed Italians/Greeks/Portuguese/Spanish) all poor, with high debt levels and low success. Inventors are predominately white with light eyes (John Logie Baird -Television, Alexander Bell -Telephone both had blue eyes). Successful leaders like Trump and Putin have blue eyes. Brown eyes are a mark of failure and inferiority.

  • Trump is a f****** puppet r*****, Russia is a trash hole. Russian women get sold to everyone as s** toys. The UK is a cuck country, most of you Aryan men are weak and like to watch your women get f***** by brown men. Same with the northern countries all cucks. China is progressing way faster than any s***** Aryan country could dream. Aryans got what they got because they STOLE it, now the rest of the world is catching on and taking it all back and Aryans are SCARED AS F*** HAHA.

    Everyday we f*** your women and you guys sit in your rooms crying on 4chan. You are going extinct Aryan :)

    Your evil and villainy will end in a couple hundred years. We will continue to humiliate you and cuck you until you go extinct. This is pay back for all the destruction you have caused. Evil, pale, weak gene f****.

  • Your kind is literally destroying the Earth. You cut down forests for your meat. You poison the air and water, you kill all the fish in the seas, you litter your plastics.

    Seriously Aryan, just f****** die you evil scum.

    Aryans aren't holy you f*** your own sisters!!!!!!!! You all look like inbred, pale, monsters.

    Most Aryan men are effeminate and weak, hence why Aryan women like to run off and get f***** by bbc while the men are at work.

    Aryans are going extinct which is a GOOD thing. There probably are some ok Aryans out there and they realize that their race is bad, so they breed with REAL humans to purify their genes.

    Listen here Aryan scum, stop being evil, and stop trying to f****** destroy everything you soulless c****.

  • Look at this from my perspective one you clearly a failure of the gene pool two if we didn’t have technology it would be kill or be killed and you couldn’t survive sad to say it but most people who i see as having inferior genes im right about and for clarification only thing your good for is running from the cops or that gun you use because you can’t fight like a man you f****** inbred

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