Left Out

At School, every time our class does a group activity or something, I am ALWAYS the one to not have a partner or it's someone who is literally disgusting.

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  • I'm old, and like you I went through that as a child.

    People are afraid their other friends might like you better.

    They can also be jealous, and have inferiority complexes themselves, so they sometimes single out people they perceive as weaker ( most cases we are way stronger - we just dont advertise it right ;)

    Some people also think they can only have so many friends and follow pack mentality!

    Trust me you don't need these a*******!

    I promise you'll sync up with all these losers in your 40's on Facebook, and their lives often times are pathetic.

    Cheers to not being one of them - don't let them make you doubt yourself ever :)

  • I was one of those kids on the slippery slope of the social ladder. I spend a fair bit of my life self analysing and trying to work out why the popular kids were popular and others were not.

    Some kids are obvious pains and you can see why they get left out. They are annoying painful.

    But the rest of us. I wish I knew. I spend my life trying to not offend. I don't think I am smelly. Always clean clothes. I never say anything to tease or annoy. I am fit healthy helpful etc.

    So this is a non answer.

    Good luck

  • Yeh I'm like you. I never say much but I'm still not popular

  • Guess you two are just rejected for being who you are. =) That's got to suck

  • Do you ever make the effort to ask or is that you just wait for someone to ask you?

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