Places like this -

Remind me how shallow and disgusting people are. When you hear what's really in people's hearts, you know that that majority of people are either:

1) superficial and selfish
2) perverted and disgusting (need to have their d**** removed)
3) useless and boring

I hope someone kills everyone on this planet.

Nov 28, 2016

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  • "Need to have their d*** removed"

    Wait wha...?

  • No one is superior and inferior. Yet some people think, otherwise. It's an illusion!

  • F*** you like youre worth anything either...

  • I think you would be able to make similar observations about human behaviour to aggrandize your precarious insecurities out to your particular level of egomania pretty much anywhere, genius.

  • I understand your frustration.

  • Each day I leave home with a heavy heart. My wife whom I love and who I assume used to love me has gone cold. I love her and I love the kids but it is a lonely existance. I smile. I pretend it's a nice happy family. At one level it is. The kids are pretty nice. I bring home money. She organises everything. Food. Clothes. House. I'm totally disempowered. No respect. No authority. No intimacy. At home I just 'exist'.

    So I come here to just relax and speak my mind. To un burden.

    Maybe I am shallow. Whatever.

    I own a business. I employ people. I deal with their s***. I laugh with them and celebrate their wins.

    But I don't share my home coldness with them.

    So maybe I am everything the OP says.


  • I am so over sad sacks like you. You sound like a real professional at the "poor me" routine. IF you even own a business, it's probably in a rented broom closet and is really just a collection of sad clowns waiting to be hired for kids' birthday parties.

  • Are you perhaps blind or a child to not have realised that, mostly, human beings are terrible creatures at heart? What makes us (most of the human race) better than animals, is that we don't simply act on the things that we want to do because of constructs like morals etc.

    Not everyone needs to die; in fact nobody needs to die because people who have horrible things they want to do but don't act on those things are honourable and good. That's most of the human race if you hadn't realised.

  • "we don't simply act on the things that we want to do because of constructs like morals etc." Considering the state of the world, I'd say this statement is partial bullshit. Yes, people do hold back out of fear of retribution and occasionally because of morals, but obviously not all the time. So, thanks for inadvertently proving OP's point. We suck.

    Also, like another person said, we're just animals who delude ourselves that we're not. Intelligent species aren't ruled by their genit@ls and don't rationalize $hitty behavior by mumbling something about "it's natural".

  • The human race are also animals, you fool!
    We aren't better, than our fellow furry and non-furry animals, we only think we're!

  • You don't know everyone, so best not to make assumptions

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