It's oh so awful .

Sexual activity of any kind , between a man and a woman , between two women , between two men , masturbation , group s** or any other sexual activity is primitive , repulsive and disgusting .

Feb 16, 2021

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  • All it is, is brain chemistry to ensure survival of a species.

    You will not DIE if you don't have s**.

    Humans are too stupid and narcissistic to understand this, as the o***** produces a chemical the brain loves the most and considers it the HIGHEST reward.

    If we don't exist in this way, literally no one would have kids... kids f****** SUUUUCCKKKK, and having them kinda does ruin your life in certain ways.

    The honest truth, is that when a guy is hunched over his computer or in the bathroom with his phone and d*** in hand watching p*** in an effort to simply just have an o*****... his monkey brain is actually thinking "babies! Babies! Babies! MUST MAKE BABIES GHAAAAAAAA......"

    Again, human narcissism covers this up beautifully, and thus we take ourselves much too seriously regarding our "sexuality" ...

    I tend to have respect for people who can withhold themselves from s**. I know a very successful male, who actually abstains himself to having an o***** to maybe once a week.

    This person is also in touch with his spiritual side, and I find it VERY respectable and admirable, considering the world we live in.

    So, I would suggest getting in touch with your "higher self" ... and if s** is something that disgusts you, you may already be on that path.

    Fear not.

  • It’s too bad your parents didn’t have this epiphany.

  • Good thing you won’t reproduce

  • Disagree it’s kinda hot

  • You still have your head up Uranus.

  • I agree. That's one of the reasons I had myself castrated. I could no longer tolerate hormones ruling my life

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