Sick of the fakes and machines of non-genuineness

I hope i don't sound nasty saying this but there are some people in this world i just can't stand. i am not jealous of them or envious i just can't understand why they get fame and people want to know about them when they are rather average and there is better out there. take for instance the the Irwins, they are out and out annoying to the very core! their kids, their lifestyle, the wife and the guy who died steve, i am sorry someone died but seriously are they the best australia has to offer the world! you hear about them all the time and the wife comes across as a complete b***** idiot the way she talks and acts- well lets face it they all do even he did, the one that died. i have no doubt they are great people but do they have to be seen everywhere they have milked their own crisis for money and fame, its obvious they don't give a dame about anyone but themselves and money making and their images in media being busted up to high acclaim... all on the death of dear daddy/hubby and its so obvious their so obviously opportunistic people thriving on pitys sake and some wife safari that has questionable means! they all come across headstrong bully ratbags with blonde ambition and fake smiles and no scruples about how they would take you down. I feel like its not nice of me to feel this way about them but i am just sick of them. what more can i say. we live in a world that loves bullsh!t
its Bindy for PM or BOB for united nations. the wife is nothing much, take away her hair straightener and fake tan and there is not much ... the kids only have looks and youth on their side and pity... and brash over-estimated opinions of themselves and too much money and fame has already soiled them.

but it seems to me the world is like this now. there really is no room for the genuine or talented or caring.

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  • So you have all that bile for the Irwins, but nothing for the Kartrashians? At least the Irwins gave us heart and knowledge about animals. Kim and family just dress up, have questionable surgeries, and pose for cameras. Whoop de doo!

    Are you racist against (blonde) white people?

  • You have just discovered the old axiom. Its not what you know but who you know. Thats life. Get used to it.

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