50 pregnant with 39 yr old

He proposed before I knew I was preg. No one knows yet. His x gf who is 28 found out she flipped. She was using him for money. Friends set us up. But I'm not not keeping the pregnancy.

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  • I took my now-former female friend and business associate, who was 45 at the time, to end a pregnancy she had from a 26 year old she met at a function one night. I warned her that night..Dude is only out to get into your pants, then he's gone. She didn't listen, and got knocked up.

    Told me a few weeks into it after trying to hide and decide what to do. I told her I'd take her, and did. As in..Stood next to her, in the room, holding and squeezing her hand, as the doc performed the procedure. I did support her, but also thought..Where's your brain? You're pushing 46, have two kids, one is already messed up, now you let this guy knock you up?

    And she never heard from the guy again..Not once. One of the reasons we're not friends anymore is, I got tired of bailing her, although cute and great in jeans, ass out of bad situations..Can only take so much.

  • There seems to be a lot of unrelated drama going on here and not telling your fiance about a pregnancy seems to be adding to it. One - how do you start a life with someone and not tell them this? Because this is fairly big piece of news. 2. Who cares why he was dating his ex gf. Everyone has a past. He chose to go out with her, now he's with you. And if he gave her money, he gave her money. That was his decision, it's not your concern. 3. Certainly you two have your own issues. You're still concerned about his ex gf who somehow knows about this pregnancy, but yet no one else does? What? What would keep her from telling your fiance? 4. At 50, who cares how you met. You don't need to justify this to anyone. You are consenting adults and a 10 year age gap is not that big of a deal. As for the pregnancy, you should tell him and decide together. There are options. But pregnancy for older women can have more healthy risks for both baby and mother.

  • Why not give it up for adoption? My wife and I prayed for 10 years for 1 child and you have been blessed with a gift. Don't waste that gift

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