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There is a couple in my grade and I really find them annoying!!! The girl (one of bff's)has totally changed and everyone agrees, she barely talks to anyone and always takes the boys side like when
A) the girls were gonna go to the mall without any boys and we asked every girl who knew if they would not tell any boys yet SHE TOLD HER BOYFRIEND!!! I asked her why and she said she wanted to!!!!
B) Her boyfriend made me cry and she said it wasn't her problem and didm;t even comfort me (he said stuff about my appearance and weight even though I am average in weight and my friends were comforting/ sticking up for me)
I want to talk to her about it but she is so happy with him. None of us really want to be her friend anymore because of her boyfriend and i'm scared that when (and if) she breaks up with him none will be there. What should I do?

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  • The most important thing that anyone can do for themselves is to find balance in their lives..and this is true for any age. What makes a relationship healthy are those relationships you have outside of that one. Finding a balance to make time for yourself, the one your dating, your family, your friends..all important. It's not healthy to only have your bf or gf and no one else. The problem is that your friend is insecure, and not mature enough to be in a relationship to understand that your support system is so important and not to s**** with that. Because why would you want her as a friend after this? Her bf talks smack about you and she doesn't defend you. Do not let what he said hurt you. And she's not scoring any brownie points by going against all of her friend's wishes and telling her bf when asked not to. You know, that's a pretty good way to lose all your friends, because can you really trust her? Is what your telling her, is she also telling him? When it comes down to it, it's really her problem what will happen if she breaks up and finds that her friends are no longer around after the way she's treating them. She sounds like a fair weather friend..she only needs you when her bf isn't available. That's not being a good friend. All you can do is talk to her. It's a slippery slope, because a lot of times girls will choose their bf over their friends. Being in a relationship is exciting for her, she doesn't get how her actions are affecting you guys. So when you talk to her, do not talk bad about her bf. It would be one thing if he's hitting her..but tell her that you are happy for her. And then tactfully explain what's going on and how you feel. At least you tell her how you feel and if she chooses to make a bit more of an effort great and if she keeps doing the things you don't like, maybe you know not to include her.

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