I Hate Filipino Females, They are Truly Ugly

I confess that my best mate from Philippines called Joyce was the most ugly prostitute I have ever come across. No man ever had any love for her. They just wanted to use her like toilet paper and flash her down the drain! A lot of guys used to tell me that she was secretly jealous of me and that I was way better looking than her. Come to think of it, she looked like a flat nosed thin lipped prostitute straight from a village in Manila. She probably has H.I.V by now after all those Chinese and Palestinian d**** up her fat Filipino ass. I won't be surprised if my other best mate from Indonesia called Liselotte has her ass dripping with aids. The Indonesian mate I knew was another w**** for every black or white d*** to play about with and ditch afterwards. Oh by the way I am of Aramaic descent which makes it far more beautiful and outstanding in unusual ways than the south east Asian nightmare looking females! I also hate native Americans, they are really ugly with eyes like dog's toilet and they get jealous of naturally beautiful people that mean them no harm!

Apr 4, 2015

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  • Thank you for telling me , no need to go get my virginity taken .

  • They are no better than n****** with their rape stick, filled with veneral diseases.

  • S*** takes many HIV c**** in her puss

  • Wow. thats all i have to say. woe. i have never met a more shallow human being. sorry.


  • Wow. thats all i have to say. wow. i have never met a more shallow human being. sorry.

  • Joyce is getting dicked right now

  • Where can i find this bit ch? i want to bang her senseless

  • S** with an HIV sl ut

  • Voted!

  • I want to hear more of this confession post it here or email me

  • Go find a razor or better yet go blow something up to silly B****

  • You should lick her out ;)

  • Lying witch

  • Mmm nice H.I.V p****.

  • Palestenian pu ssy is truly hairy. Sounds like your jealous of not getting and di ck.

  • We need this confession in the top confessions with I hate the Chinese with a passion more comments people

  • If you talk about them like that and they are your best mates what kind of friend are you? Even if you are beutiful it is only skin deep. You are not nice.

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