College Job at the kennel

OK, I grew up on a farm. I know you city girls think you are so advanced and sophisticated, trust me seen up enough snotty nostrils to know. But we farm girls learn about s** young and think it is just a part of nature. My god my freshman roommate was all guilty the first time we had s**. Didn't stop me from moving our beds together and molesting that girl every night until she calmed down. I mean all girl's college? Like prison, you are going to have s** together. If I knew now what I knew then I would have gone co-ed, but 100% scholarship, no brainer and she was really cute.

So ok, I am from a farm and I have a scholarship, but needed some spending money, so I got a part-time job at a kennel near my school.

So ok my first lover was a Lab. My fourth was a boxer. I got around to the farmhands later the next year when I turned 16. Mom did the farm hands, Mom did the tax assessor, Mom was not a shy girl. Dad was not a real farmer, he sold insurance, h*** he owned a big agency! Farming was more gentleman farming. Mom and I were not gentlemen. But we sure did sow and reap. I liked men, don't get me wrong, but a dog is far better.

So I went to this kennel, recommended by a vet I "knew" well and often, one cannot live by nubile roommates alone. I mean tongue is wonderful, and tonguing p**** is a Happy Meal in my book, but a growing girl needs a bit of meat in her diet.

The kennel raised Boxers, which in my opinion pound for pound have the biggest knots and the strongest thrusts. Yes, there are bigger dogs, Danes and Mastiffs, but a Boxer is the proverbial BBC in the dog world.

So my second day of working, I was wearing a short jean skirt. I am a practical girl. I don't wear a bra. I am an A cup and bras are just a waste of money in my book. Panties too. I like to economize. ;-)

One of the main studs had a sniff and wanted to let me know he thought I smelled very good and gave a quick lick or ten. Now I am a farm girl. My first lover was a dog, so this is just falling off a log natural to me. I mean the nearest men's college is like 120 miles away and the most discrete lover has his snout under my skirt. So.... no brainer, don't you think?

Now, I am a girl who thinks if one Boxer is good a few Boxers is better and I am about 5 deep into reviewing the "stud book" when the owner's wife comes in. Now she might have been shocked, but I think jealous was more appropriate, though I think she was far more worried about hubby, a horndog of the first water.

Me, I am f****** and do not even know she is there until #5 is finished. I know I am supposed to be all upset or something, but she is just looking and I get, she has likely been mounted.

She and I soon work out that we have a common interest and the business major in me. Yeah, just like that. Rich ladies exclusive spa? Somewhere near a major metropolitan area? We recommend the two week treatment program and why yes a "guard dog" is very important for your personal safety. I am amazed at how many women feel so unsafe they require two guard dogs.

But then, if I lived in a city I would need at least four ok six.

My freshman girlfriend is now my junior girlfriend and she likes Boxers too. She is soooo cute! What if my parents find out? Yes, like we sleep in the same room when we visit her home. Pair of Lez-Beans.

I like f****** her dad, I did the most disgusting things to both her mother and sister and am totally bummed she does not have a brother. I cry about this to her three uncles, one mom two dad.

"Mom, I think you need a couple of dogs, for protection." Don't you know?

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  • Tell me more about you and your girlfriend having s** with the dogs

  • I feel so sorry for you little boys, but then you were raised to whine and feel yuk about everything, or put a sexual woman down. I mean the priests who butt f***** you as a child told you women should not like s**.

    Sorry but we do, especially when allowed to. I used to feel quite inferior because I grew up in the countryside on a farm and it seemd like the big city girls knew so much more. Well they do. I mean I got incredible tips on shoes and lipstick, how much to tip (OK I learned that from one of their Dads)

    I grew up seeing farm animals have s**, and well Mom too, so I didn't know. We didn't go to church. It was too far away and Mom thinks all that stuff is just so much crap.

    I know you were probably hoping for some hot blow by blow stroke stuff. Sorry my name isn't Ashley or Brittnay. But yeah I do f*** dogs, I like men but I like dogs more.

    They are not nearly the douchebags the little boys like you are.

    And to Mr Yuk, I know s** with Animals how disgusting, So what are you? Vegetable or mineral?

  • WHY is it that there are only two types of post here? OBVIOUSLY fake and clearly genuine? It doesn't take Rocket Science to differentiate the two. I find it odd that I rarely find anything else in between the two except Bible lunatics.. Odd sort of site.

  • "If I knew now what I knew then..." - what, you have amnesia? Head injury of some sort?

  • B**********. Yuk. Probably a fake post.

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