My husband cheated and i got even

I got married a few months after I turned 18. My husband was 26, successful and very confident. I don't know why he married me actually. He likes loud sexy women with big b****. I am 5'3" and barely fill my A cup bras.

I learned Tim was having an affair with this big boobed redhead at work. I thought he was and my friend helped me find a private investigator to get the evidence. I cried for about four days straight when I saw the pictures and the video of them f******. I threw him out of the house. I thought about killing myself and then thought I should get a b*** job.

My friend Peggy was wonderful. She poured wine, patted my hand, told me I was smart and pretty and finally suggested I meet a therapist she knew. Some therapist!

OK, he does have a PhD. He has a thriving practice counseling couples. I thought the idea was to maybe get back together with my husband, but I was on a rollercoaster going from completely depressed and devastated to a castrating homicidal maniac.

Frank is an amazing man. Our first session I broke down and bawled in his office. I was shaking so badly I could barely walk. Thankfully it was his last session of the day, actually it was after his normal hours, a favor to Peggy. So he drove me home, cooked me dinner and sat and talked.

I didn't go to college, no skills, painfully shy and now had the self image of an ugly troll. Frank was much older than I was, nearly 50, very handsome and incredibly kind, but he was also quite firm. He was clearly on my side, telling me my husband should have sent me to college, help me develop as a person. I felt so broken and totally useless. I kept breaking down in tears. I was blubbering about how my boobies were too small and I would never find anyone who wanted me again.

Frank just took me in his arms and held me. He then, put his finger under my chin and looked into my eyes. He started stroking the back of one finger over my nipple and told me that he hated large b******. His first kiss was so tender, it made me breakdown in tears again. I'm not sure how it happened, but I was naked on the couch in my living room. Terrified he would find me wanting.

His eyes told me he found me beautiful, and his lips and fingers, well just wow. Then he took my hand, kissed my palm and put my hand on the front of his trousers. "You are incredibly desirable." I could barely breathe. He is a very well endowed therapist.

I was blubbering again and he gently turned me over his knee and spanked me. I just wailed, not from the pain, but from all the hurt I was feeling, my tears felt cathartic. But when he rubbed my bottom and slipped his fingers between my legs, I was soaking. Suddenly I wanted revenge, I wanted to be desirable and I wanted to be f***** by a man who found me exciting. About five minutes later I was in my bed with my legs over his shoulders and a man much larger than my husband looking down at me with a look that let me know to the core of my soul he wanted me.

That was Friday night. I know we got out of bed, well he did to cook and me to pee. I learned I was not very good at sucking, but god I ached to have him teach me how to please him. He was delightfully dominant, not some caveman thing, but that older father sort of thing. He spanked me, took a belt to me and made me spend ages on my knees with him in my mouth. The coolest part was he kept telling me, "Don't please me, please yourself. Just focus on the sensual feelings of the silky skin of my c*** on your lips, on your tongue and in your mouth. Wow! C**** feel amazing in your mouth.

So I studied all day Saturday and Saturday night. I was in the kitchen Sunday morning, on my knees finishing my breakfast when the doorbell rang. I totally had forgotten my husband was coming to beg me not to divorce him. Frank made me open the door naked, because he had some friends coming over. I was going to be worshiped by a group of men who loved small boobies!

I was totally butterfly tummy when I opened the door and Tim was standing there. Big smile broke out on his face, thinking he was forgiven. He tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away and went back into the kitchen. Frank was sitting there in a red silk robe I'd bought dumbfuck two Christmases ago. Frank didn't bother to get up. You could feel him dismiss my husband, while he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh. He then said, "Why don't you finish your breakfast."

I gave my husband a wicked smile, sank to my knees and took Frank's big c*** in my mouth. I really went to town. Yeah I wanted to please Frank, but it was far more cut of my husband's c*** sort of thing. God it felt good, especially when I could show him I could take Frank's big c*** in my throat. Almost made me come right then and there.

When the doorbell rang, Frank told Tim to answer it. About a minute later 5 really handsome guys walked into the kitchen. Frank explained to Tim that I needed an education, I was very sexually underdeveloped. College.

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  • Yeah it's lies, but she has some possibility as an erotica writer. The writing isn't great, but the story concept is there.

  • Liar!!!!!

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