Lazy mom

I make my kids 8 & 10yo wear "good nights" basically diapers as underwear. Sometimes when they ask to go to the toilet and I am busy or we are driving or if its just inconvenient I will say hold it or just use the goodnight that's what it's for.

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  • I'm the OP and I guess I expected to be degraded. Mind you I wear adult diapers sometimes like at concerts and its not a gross as you think. Like it seems gross when you think about someone else doing it but when you wear one yourself and have to use it well it just seems practical. I sometimes feel guilty because I dunno but I do and sometimes I feel that was convienient.

  • You are an adult. If you want to wear diapers, go right ahead. But there is a difference between you and your kids. You understand what they are for and why you use them and why you are CHOOSING to do so. Your kids aren't given the choice. Children don't necessarily make the right decisions. Let's say this happens - you insist that your 10 year old wears them and he's over at friend's house..who sees them. Laughs at him and then tells all the boys in school. That would be mortifying. And how would he explain that? His mom makes him wear diapers? That just sounds like punishment. As for the lazy part. Maybe you need to figure out something that brings you passion and do it. And if you're not already, start exercising. It will make you feel good and give you energy so maybe you can do more for yourself and your family.

  • You're exposing the children to all sorts of disease and infection. You're not a mother: you're a resident abuser. You may not go to h***, but you're certainly going to jail. Enjoy!

  • To the person who mentioned cost, to a narcissistic mother, image is more important than money. Especially if the father is earning the money.

  • So you're lazy, but what you are doing to your children is considered abusive and most likely causing them unnecessary anxiety. Instead of encouraging them to thrive, you're doing the opposite. They probably are also scared of you. This may just be one example you chose to list here, but you probably do a lot of s***** things to them. It is people like you who should have never had children and who should have their kids taken away. A foster family or pack of wolves would treat them better than you..You suck.

  • Bullshit - first of all those are more expensive than buying underwear.

    If this is true I hope you get caught you sick f***

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